Review: Resident Alien #3

It’s great when you get fooled by a mystery and boy did the conclusion of this book fooled me something bad. It became kind of obvious at one point where the story was going, but the journey was so rewarding and full that it was something very special. The great news was that a second volume of the series is promoted at the back of the issue which I was very happy to see considering how this issue ends. In our last issue we learned that there was one man in town that fit the bill as the murderer due to his past with several of the victims. Boldly, Dr. Harry goes and visits Mr. Whitehead the man he suspects of the murders that sucked him into becoming the towns doctor. He enters Whiteheads house and finds a man in shambles after his wife’s own death. He asks about his sleeping pill prescription as a way of playing off his visit; Whitehead explains that he didn’t like the way they made him feel and prefers booze. It’s clear that he’s not the person Harry is looking for as he looks at the liquor store of alcohol around the house.

Resident Alien #3 CoverHe leaves Whiteheads place feeling like a fool and wondering who could possibly be the murderer if it’s not Whitehead. As he drives back towards the doctor’s office he’s suddenly followed by a person on a motorcycle. Soon a report of comes into the police station about a naked person near a motorcycle and it’s clear that Harry is about to find out first hand who the killer is.

The conclusion to this story is great; mostly because it keeps it simple and fast. It doesn’t draw out the mystery any more than it has too. The wrap is very strong and even though the story continues from here it still has its own conclusion and a full/rewarding ending. In general the series has been very different, but captivating with its unique take on an Alien crash landing on earth.

If you missed this series then you really need to check it out from the beginning because it’s very different and interesting. It focused on one element of a Sci-Fi world, but in doing so it created a larger much more rewarding world in its wake. I was happy with this series and it’s ending and if it ended here that would be okay, but thankfully it continues on.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Peter Hogan

Artist: Steve Parkhouse

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 7/25/12