Review: Revelations #3

Revelations read more of a detective comic this week then a murder mystery. The difference was the focus on Charlie as a detective. The story, so far, has focused more on the mystery behind it all. Richleau, a Catholic priest, was found dead outside of the church. The suspicious start soon that he may have been murdered. Although the leader, Cardinal Toscianni thinks it was a suicide. This dude is totally hiding something. You felt it from day one. He has a chip on his shoulder but does do a great job of hiding it under his Cardinal clothes. Charlie’s Cardinal friend calls him up to help solve the case. Again, the comic has dealt more with the church and what is exactly beyond these closed doors. We kept getting closer and closer, but like any good comic, we are building up the anticipation of the whole thing. Charlie will soon start to question the witnesses of Richleau’s death, but first he must see the body. We get introduced to a new character, a doctor named Todge. These two work well together. First off they both smoke like a chimney, and they are very rationale. So it helps since all the other characters seem to be hiding something. Todge discovers that an autopsy was never done on the body. It was embalmed before finding the cause of death. Todge now has some work cut out for him, but so far all signs still point to suicide.

Revelations_03_CoverCharlie must now interrogate the witnesses. Charlie isn’t one to hold back what he is thinking either. These were probably my favorite scenes. The way Humberto Ramos creates the interview panels with Charlie moving across scenes while his witness stays still is awesome. I loved it. All and all something about the art was different in this issue as well. It was clearer; not so dark. I loved everything about this issue.

As I said before, the Revelations took a turn to a more detective comic. Now I was still interested in the mystery parts. The addition of Lucy adds to the whole mystery of it, so she is a good behind the scenes character. Honestly though Charlie parading around trying to solve this case was lots of fun. I love his full on personality in this issue. Before, he didn’t read as a true lead for the comic. A lot of the side characters like Toscianni took over the spotlight when it came down to it. Charlie took over the issue as our main man, and it is exactly what the comic needed to get a 5/5.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Paul Jenkins Artist: Humberto Ramos Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/12/14