Review: Deadworld: Restoration #4

I always look forward to the week that Deadworld is released, and this is no different.  Sadly, there’s only one more chapter left in the Restoration series, but it’s been a wild and horrific ride thus far and this issue is no exception. I usually talk about this book the most out of any that I review just because there’s so much substance to this miniseries that I have to keep rambling on.  I’m going to try to keep said rambling to a minimum avoid spoilers and because of the profound importance of events in this fourth issue (also, I really need to get back to studying for midterms…).  The issue opens up with Donna’s attack on New Washington along with her legion of zombies.  Thanks to the art, this part is particularly terrifying as we’re given an aerial view over the ‘safe’ wall where we get to see the endless sea of the undead with Donna among them.  That sense of dread is amplified by the writing, with lines like “…if the humans were closer, they would be able to hear the clacking of jaws from the zombies, waiting in anticipation.”

Deadworld_Resto_04-pr_Page_0Due to Beelzebub’s findings, Bowker and company have a bit of a tactical advantage via the dead-flesh eating flies they found.  With a little sticky solution, they’ll be able to attach the larvae to the zombies and try to get an upper hand in this battle.  Also, Bowker gets some inside information on something called Project Lazarus.  Essentially, they are trying to bring intelligence back with the dead.  The dead can be brainwashed and used as another tactical advantage going forward, and it seems like Moloch was able to do this to Mosaic and has him track King Zombie.

The only pawn on the table that will help get rid of Donna and her zombie horde is her daughter.  Will there be an all-out-war or a simple way out?  Check out this issue to find out, let’s just say this last issue has the potential to solidify Deadworld: Restoration as one of the best miniseries of 2014.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Gary Reed Artist: Sami Makkonen Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/12/14