Review: Revenge #2

Everybody wants revenge at whatever the cost. With so many focusing on revenge are we getting lost in this story as to who is crossing who?  I’m not how this story will hold up or if it’s just a flash in the pan, but the art sure grabs you. The plan has hit little snag for Candy, the lawyer keep delaying the paper work to break the prenup she signed.  Meanwhile her boy toy is enjoying the limelight of being Griffin Franks. Candy contacts the doctor to keep Franks alive and no pain meds because she wants him to feel everything. He explain this is going to double the price, but she assures him that it’s not a problem as long as he doesn’t mercy kill Franks.  Meanwhile the real Franks is flashbacking between reality and his movies. He never served in Vietnam, but he sure can pull from it because of his movies. The flashback and hallucinations are insane from lizard people to Mouseyland characters. The doctor has extended an offer to Franks to take care of Candy if the price is right.

Candy has found a new lawyer and is ready for the stalling to stop. The holdup is Franks’ previous family that he is secretly providing for financially. Candy is pissed about this because she wants her revenge on what Franks did to hers growing up and what he turned her mother into after he left.

Revenge02-CoverSome of the doctor’s minions are having their fun with watching Franks and his slow painful existence. This is as simple as daring to touch him, mocking him, and trying to get the girl to kiss him. After dunking the horned assistant they have awakened the Revenger.

The story seems shallow and really empty. It seems as if everyone in the story is taking some kind of revenge either on Franks, Candy or the Doctor. I guess you get that which the title describes… revenge. It does try to show Franks as having a heart and trying to make amends for his life by financially provided for his distant family. It’s a grasp to make him likable. The only real person I feel for is the horned doctor’s assistant.

The only grace in this book is the art. It’s freaking fantastic. It’s highly detailed and brings everything to life. Again it’s a definitely for mature readers. The action flows naturally in the flashback Nam scene. How Franks is portrayed now I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley or even a well-lit one, but he looks badass with no face.

This book is only good for the art; the story is too shallow to keep my attention. I don’t mind a mindless story, but this seems almost too much and too little. Sorry to say you lost me.

Score:  2/5

Review: Jonathan Ross Artist: Ian Churchill Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 3/26/14