Samantha's Top Five - March (2014)

Kicking off our Top Five Book selections of March is Samantha! Check out the books she picked as her best.

5 - The Returning #1


There were a lot of number ones that came out this month, and The Returning was by far my favorite. I loved every minute of reading it. The book takes a look at near death experiences and how these people change after the incident. This one of those series that just had a perfect start. The basic premise is very intriguing, Beth, our main character, has good grounds, and the art brings it all together. I always try to pick my Top Five Books based off of my excitement to read the next issue, and The Returning has done that for me. I truly want to see how Beth deals with her family's death and who the hell this stranger is that her dead boyfriend almost ran over.

4 - TMNT #32


We got Leo back! TMNT has some slowed down issues after their big battle in City Falls. But don’t think for a second that these slow issues aren’t worth the read. They bring in everything I love surrounding the Turtles; magic, brotherhood, and kick butt attitudes. This particular issue hit home with me because there are so many relationship problems happening all at once. Raph and Alopex have seem to break that alliance. April’s mom is getting in heavy with using ooze on her husband. And Leo is back to his normal self while in turn bringing Splinter back to go on the offense with Shredder.

3 - Headspace #1


MonkeyBrain brought out my next top comic with Headspace. This story is very unusual and when I say a statement like that it means I don’t fully grasp the idea. But Headspace is fully graspable and still gives you some twist and turns that make it a fun read. Shane is our player who lives inside a serial killer’s mind. Max, our serial killer, has got some stories to tell, but honestly I am more interested to see how the two are related and how Shane got into Max’s mind. He isn’t the only dude trapped up there either. Shane now has to find a way out all while protecting the people inside Max’s mind from these evil creatures. This comic has all sorts of layers.

2 - Fatale #21


There probably isn’t a month where this comic hasn’t been on my Top Five. I sure do talk about it enough. I won’t go into great detail then. Brubaker has given us another hit, and I can’t talk about a comic that measures up to the love I feel for this series.

1 - Hackivist #3


Although #3 slows down the normal intrigue of the first two issues, I am still pretty stoked for this series. It has some great storyline, and all around appeal to all comic readers. And I am not going to lie my parents may have watched Who’s the Boss? and then may have named me after Alyssa Milano’s character. So yeah I am pretty boss..along with this comic. Ed and Nate bring in such a good friendship to a literal life and death situation. I am excited to see how it all concludes.