Review: Revival #10

I think this book is giving me an ulcer. I don’t know how many “oh shits” I said while reading this, but there were enough to raise eyebrows and disturb slumbering cats. Especially as I read the last page thought of all of the consequences that will be playing out in the next issue. I know that everyone loves Saga (myself included) and a few other Image titles, but for me, this is the best title that Image is currently publishing. You can argue with me all you want, but the reading experience I have with this series is unlike any other title. Usually I switch my reading up between enjoying my favorite books first or last. Sometimes if the week is heavy I like to get the favorites out of the way first so that they’re not distracting me from other titles. Other week’s I save them for the end because they’re the best. Revival, much like Mind MGMT I save for last every time. Yes they’re both that damn good, but it’s mostly because I can’t take reading them sometimes. I get to the end and I think my heart is going to explode. I literally put this issue down twice because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Seeley isn’t afraid to fuck with these characters and there is no guarantee that you favorite will make it out of this series. And yes putting the book down is the equivalent of looking away from the screen and saying “Did just see that.”

In the last issue we spent some time with the three brothers that are renting Derek’s garage. What they were doing in there was cutting up a reviver in order to sell his body and none of them seemed to be bothered by it… because they are a family of psychopaths. They had some unfortunate witnesses in the last issue and now we find two of the brother’s digging a grave and talking about their father. There is a connection there.

revival10_coverThe story heads to the hospital where we find May Tao trying to visit Mrs. Vang, but instead she ends up passing the room of the man who tried to kill her and Martha. They have a great conversation that Tao mostly ignores, but it is interesting that he’s not under arrest. As is the norm of the series the story checks in with another character and this time it’s Ibrahaim as he’s been sent to do a door-to-door check on his own to Edmund Holt’s house. You may remember him as the guy with all the guns in the last issue. The bulk of the story is focused on the three brothers as Dana drops Martha off at Derek’s house to go help Ibrahaim that’s managed to step in an animal trap. The results are… breath taking.

This is Tim Seeley’s masterpiece. Hands down it is the best thing he has ever written. Each and every issue is better than the one before, because it imitates life. I know that sounds crazy since there are supernatural elements to the story, but the way the characters and world respond to these elements is very realistic. The pacing is perfect and seriously other writers, veteran or just starting off, should study this series. It’s a goddamn masterpiece. Every issue you read is literally a piece of a modern classic and I wonder if this is the same sensation that people had when reading Watchmen upon its original release.

Norton’s art in this issue is very cinematic. The opening scene begins with close-ups as it slowly pulls out to reveal what the two brothers are working on and it only intensifies the panic you’ll have for the characters that you know are in their care. I’m reading about fictional characters, but due to Seeley’s expert writing and Norton’s realistic illustrations; I feel like their real people and I forget. It’s like watching a TV show each issue, but so much better than anything on TV (Although Hannibal is really fucking good).

I hope the creators aren’t sick of my raving reviews because I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. This is definitely one of if not tied for the best comic being published monthly. It’s definitely Image’s top book in my mind and seriously… I think it’s giving me an ulcer. The next issue is going to be amazing. There’s no way it can’t be and the consequences are going to be jaw dropping. Buy this book. Now.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Tim Seeley Artist: Mike Norton Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/22/13