Review: Revival #11

revival11_coverWhat can I possibly say about this issue or even this series at this point? It already came in number three on my top five comics currently being published list. I can’t talk about the story too much because it’s spoiler-ific. I will say that this is the best issue of the second story arc and that my jaw hung open for most of my reading experience. Remember in the last issue when Em told one of the Check Brothers to run… ah man… that turned out really good. The issue mostly focuses on that storyline which is amazing. I would say more, but really it would be a terrible crime to rob you of reading it. In typical Revival fashion the story manages to pop in on other characters and set up more story arcs for the future of the series. I can tell you how Ibrahaim’s bear trap turned out… he lives. Really that entire scene was there to create other storylines and intertwine the world more. Even though the story with Em dominates the book, I would pay close attention to that scene and the dialog.

Well that’s it. I can’t say shit without ruining it all and for once in my life I can’t do that. I would even say that if this was your first time reading the series you’d be okay, it’s that good.

Every time I read this book I think of Lost, well actually I think of the JJ Abrams. I remember reading an interview or an article he wrote in which he talked about what they had learned fromAlias and that the audience wants reveals all the time, even if it’s little reveals. That if you wait too long they lose interest or become disappointed by the reveal because the wait didn’t match their expectations. The reason I think of that is because that’s what Seeley manages to do each and every issue. For every reveal in this series another mystery is planted or growing. It’s a story element that continues to give and the only huge mystery we’re left with is “why is this all happening?” That’s the one question we don’t need answered right now and even if I was thinking about it while reading the issue, Seeley would distract me with something awesome.

Everything that Seeley does is complimented by Norton’s art and visual storytelling abilities. The characters are very three dimensional and by this point in the series, you should know them. You can almost predict what Dana is going to say based on her body language and facial expression. You see how damaged Em is emotionally just by looking at her. I call them characters, but they’re very real. Their just confined to our imaginations… and paper.

You have no idea how much it’s killing me not to spoil every little detail of this story for you. It might actually be my favorite issue thus far in the series, but I know that the next issue will be just as good or better. Also the other series on my list should watch out, this issue may have firmly moved forward. If you’re not reading this series I ask that you skip one of your “big two” books that will surely be available next week and try this series. Once Revival has its hooks in you, you’ll never want to leave.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Mike Norton

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 6/19/13