Review: Revival #13

Here’s how much I enjoy this series; I started to read it and put it back down… twice. Not because I thought it was going to be a bad issue, but because I was too excited to read it. It gives me chills when I start a new issue and that’s incredible. There are few other series that can do that, but Revival manages it every month. The last issue was a bit of a break for the series and in typical fashion the story has progressed a little without us; as with every new story arc we’re given a bit more of the mystery to solve and also some reveal. It’s interesting because at this point it’s pretty clear that Seeley has laid out what it is he wants to reveal to us and then begins going about revealing it throughout the arc, but then at the same time has created new aspects that to fill in for the revealed mysteries. It’s a great way to build the story as it always keeps the reader's interest, but also makes for a satisfying mystery.

It’s Valentine’s Day and that has to be awkward for the town. Em is babysitting Coop and Jordan a little girl that’s also a reviver. Dana is getting ready for her date with Ibrahaim, but she’s nervous about everything. Dating her partner, leaving Coop alone after the situation with the Brothers and then there’s Em… yeah you’re going to have to read the previous story arc if you don’t know what that’s all about.

We’re not done checking in with character though as the story touches base with Em’s professor and our hospital crew, along with Em’s triple date! They’re all great scenes so I’ll save you the recap and you can read them for yourselves.

revival13_coverThis continues to be one of my favorite comic series published and it gets better with every issue. Seeley layers this story so well and because it has a supernatural element you sometimes forget that it’s a soap opera. It really is and while that slows down the overall pacing of the world to the point that only a few days are covered in a story arc, you’re grateful for it. It’s very rewarding to be invested in so many characters and all of them to come off as fleshed out people. By now you should know everyone’s quirks and anticipate their dialog. You may not like each of them or have the same investment level, but you’re able to decide that for yourself and that’s incredible.

You know in TV shows when characters are talking and they bring up other characters and the story cuts to them and we as the viewer/reader see something else important because of it. That’s what Norton does. He helps build the layers of the story visually with every scene. Everything is intentional and the back-and-forth it creates in wonderful. The opening with Dana and Em is one of the strongest scenes of the issue. There’s a clear tension between the sisters and it ends with Em drawing blood. There are so many ways I could interrupt this scene. Is it foreshadowing Dana’s death at Em’s hands? Does it represent Em’s disconnect from humanity as she becomes more and more comfortable with her seemingly indestructible body? I don’t know if it’s either of those and it could be me reading into it too much, but again everything is intentional in this series. Norton is incredible and this is definitely one of his biggest masterpieces.

At the very least you should get this issue because Doom Tree is in it. What’s crazier is that Doom Tree has come up on my shuffle twice since I started writing this review. That’s beyond awesome in my book. Seriously though, if you’ve been missing out on this series then you need to pick it up. For my money it’s the best thing that Image is publishing. That’s right I would put it up against any other series, new or old and I think it would come out on top (at least in my book). This is a great issue to begin with if you haven’t check it out yet. Sure you’re going to miss a bit of the history, but like I said each story arc only covers a few days at a time meaning we’re all in this for the long haul. There’s plenty of mystery left in this series as it continues to find new ways to improve and amaze.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Mike Norton

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/21/13