Review: Revival #17

Sometimes comics can be the most enjoyable to read when they read like a breeze.  Sometimes though, it’s most satisfying when you find yourself immersed in the world of the comic and never want to leave the world that’s been created in the book.  The latter is what I felt reading through this issue of Revival-once again there’s a lot going on, and not a lot that I feel like I actually know about these eerie events taking place in Wausau and its neighboring communities. The issue kicks off right after the events from last month.  Dana is bloody but is determined to track down the disfigured, masked man who happens to be trying to murder Professor Weimar.  Now if you recall, Weimar is one of Em’s professors, not to mention that Weimar is also cheating on his wife with Em.  We’re not necessarily sure why this masked man (or possibly reviver?) wants Weimar dead, but it is certainly interfering with Dana’s investigation of Em’s murder considering Weimar is her prime suspect.  Weimar knows that his end is near, and starts covering all of his tracks.  He gives his wife Nithiya a stack of papers which he says he wrote for her.  He says that the papers contain everything she needs to know.  He says she needs to trust him, ask no questions, and then throw the papers in their fireplace so they burn.  Weimar says Nithiya’s life depends on her not knowing where he’s going, so now we see Nithiya may be wrapped up in all the madness without even knowing it.

Revival17-coverDana shows up to the Weimar’s house a bit late since Aaron had already left.  However, Nithiya had installed a tracking chip on Aaron’s car since she was starting to get suspicious of him ‘being at the office late.’  Dana also covers her tracks by telling Nithiya to call the cops and not let them know Dana was there.  She kicks the door in from the outside to make it look like an attempted robbery and starts to follow the tracking chip on Weimar’s car.

Meanwhile, May Tao has Em all figured out and puts all the pieces together regarding the Check murders.  Luckily for the Cypress sisters though, she thinks the Checks deserved to die due to some disgusting, inhumane actions (yes, even worse than selling body parts on the black market).  Dana finally catches up with Weimar, but will she find the answers she’s looking for or will she end up no further than where she started?

Again, lots more to read here but this is a book that I wish everyone was reading so I don’t want to give too much away.  Revival is still my favorite series and brings me back month after month to this twisted mystery, but this issue didn’t draw me in as much as other months.  There is a huge event that takes place in this issue, but all in all it was more disappointing and frustrating than anything-in a good way if that makes sense.  If that is Seeley’s goal for the reader to feel, then he nailed it.  Disappointing and frustrating for myself, just because I want to know what's going on but sometimes feel like I might as well have never heard of the comic before.  With each layer of the proverbial onion pulled back, another three get added on.

Score: 4/5    

Writer: Tim Seeley Artist: Mike Norton Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/29/14