Review: Revival #22

In Revival #22, Lester is still furious about the death of his dog Chuck, and seeks revenge upon a ‘passenger’ (or ‘manitou’ as he calls them).  He gets it trapped in a dream-catcher type device in the woods and starts shouting at it, saying he’s Lester Majak and he’ll never die.  He also hits the passenger with a whip made from human flesh, which apparently causes it pain but since it’s already dead it can’t be killed under those circumstances.  Another man in the forest (I honestly can’t remember his name, there’s a lot of characters to keep track of) approaches Lester and lets him know that to get rid of the spirit, they have to “send it back.”  This is the only time we get to see Lester in the issue, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they will deal with the passenger and perhaps they can figure out how to get rid of them all. Dana is starting to miss Cooper very badly, even to the point where she breaks down and starts crying in Agent Puig’s office in New York City.  Even though she’s not getting much sleep and wants to go back home to her son, she’s coming very close to cracking the case regarding the reviver part smuggler in New York who has connections back to Wisconsin.  Dana can’t help but keep thinking about what the severed head said last issue: “Oh dollar oh.”  She has a notebook of different possibilities as to what that could mean, but she finally figures it out with the help of Puig: “Oh dollar oh” means Omega Sigma Omicron, a Wall Street secret society.  Puig explains that there were exclusive dinners for these people and they would insult the “99%.”  A man named Fields did a report about it and it blew up the headlines until the Reviver story broke.  Dana thinks by getting into where the dinners take place they can find out more about the Reviver smuggler, as he could be in this secret society.

Revival22_Cover copy 2Meanwhile, Ibrahaim goes to a psychic and gets hypnotized.  He goes into a trance and talks to her about where they’re keeping the revivers.  He even talks about Jordan to her, and gets very angry that she was able to do that to him.  I’m not sure if it’s dangerous that this fact is known to the psychic, but I’m curious to see how that plays out in the future.

Although Em and Rhodey have been getting much closer the past few issues, Em learns that she can’t trust anyone-even someone who claims to be “good for you.”  Rhodey’s been hiding how he’s really been making his money, and although it involves cameras, it’s a lot more messed up that hurting himself doing dumb stunts.

We also get to see an old friend in this issue-I don’t want to give away who it is, so go pick up this issue.  It’s hard to do these reviews month after month because there’s never really anything negative to say about this series.  We’ve got a new setting, a few new characters-it’s as if last issue was the start of a new season if this was a TV series and it’s arguably just as exciting as the first time we saw a reviver back in the first issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tim Seeley Artist: Mike Norton Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 7/23/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital