Review: Revolt To What?

There’s nothing worse than reading something, understanding what you read, but not being able to figure out the point. That’s unfortunately where I find myself with Revolt To What? A book that takes place in the 90s just after the formation of the Czech Republic. We dive into the world via an American that is in Prague. He talks about drinking a lot and that eventually leads the story to a bar. At the bar we hear from a character that was a part of the Velvet Revolution. He’s displeased with his country and the way it’s people are currently acting. That’s basically all I took from this story.

Revolt-to-What-1I get that there’s a lot of political and social commentary going on in the story. I understand it, but have no context for it. There’s nothing for me to personally to relate to so it becomes a guy telling a story at the bar and nothing more than that. Maybe if I knew more of the history, what brought them to this point and why these characters are so passionate after the dust has begun to settle… maybe I would be invested more.

The artwork is interesting. It’s very stylized. It’s not very detailed and definitely isn’t realistic. It’s in all black, white and grey tones. The strange thing is that the story seems pretty serious with a few pops of humor. The humor is when the art works well with the story, but the rest of the time it doesn’t really match the seriousness of the subject matter.

I wish I could say something positive about this book, but it’s just average to me. I don’t think it’s bad, but it didn’t do anything to standout and make it memorable. If you have some relation to the subject matter then you’re likely to get more out of the story than I did, but if you don’t. I think you’ll be left wondering what the comic is really about. Sure it’s about the Czech Republic in the 90s, but what’s the point of everything else?

Score: 2/5

Revolt To What? Writer: Daniel Landes Artist: Karl Christian Krumpholz Publisher: Suspect Press Format: One-Shot; Print Website