Review: Robyn Hood: Wanted #1

No need to worry because you don’t need to read Robyn Hood’s first volume in order to understand this new comic featuring the female version of Robin Hood. When reading the first volume of Robyn the action picked up right when you opened the comic. After the first issue, she was already in Myst.

This comic started off a little slow. There was action but when I see a title like Robyn Hood, I get selfish and just want to see arrows flying around everywhere. I think that is why I prefer Robyn in Myst. She can carry a bow around and no one takes a second look. She can totally just kick ass and run into the woods if need be. On earth, she can’t do much of anything. She wears an eye patch, about the only badass thing she can get away with.

The issue starts out in Myst but not with Robyn. She is on earth running from the popo. She wants to find answers of why she was left on earth as a baby and on the front doorstep of a god awful father and a mother who died too soon. While in Myst some folk teller is reciting Robyn Hood’s story to a younger crowd. He tells the story of how Robyn fought for the little guys. She raised hell against King John and took him down for the good of the people. Although not many details are given, it is a nice little run down of what happened in Volume One.

Robyn is still searching for answers…so where do you go when you have question? The people who can lie the best…your parents. Robyn takes it upon herself to visit her father in order to find some clues to who left her at his place. Robyn’s father is an ass. He is abusive and she even has a flashback to her childhood that reveals he did nothing to help her mother while she died. You would think that this person who left Robyn would have checked in on the family to see if they were legit before leaving some Highborn in their care. The comic does a great job with drawing you into the story. I did find myself wondering after putting the comic down what Robyn’s origins will reveal. Plus, everyone likes mystical lands. I mean we can’t get enough of that shit.

Needless to say I am excited to see Robyn go back to Myst, which I am hoping that she does. The last few pages of the folk teller shows the group of kids being attacked. By who? Read the damn comic. We jump back to Robyn and she is getting herself in trouble with her old man. The popo get involved and all hell breaks loose. We finally get some action packed pages. The ending is a bit of a surprise and leads me to believe that Robyn will be getting in some pretty heavy Myst. See what I did there…mist like heavy shit and Myst like being transported back. Why I am so cool?

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Larry Watts

Publisher: Zenescope

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 5/8/13