Review: Transformers – Regeneration One #91

In the 80's there were two huge cartoons and toy franchises that have lasted and Transformers is one of them. From toys, cartoons to movies and comics just think this has been around for 30 years. Is there anything left? Do we just keep hashing the same story? This is an interesting take on new and old enemies which has me intrigued, but the series better get the point.

Scorponok has unlocked savage warrior gene among the cybertronians and to save them Grimlok sacrificed himself to destroy Scorponok before the full potential of the gene was released. Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod are forced to deal with the after math of the situation. Optimus put Hot Rod in charge; every bot is questioning his leadership on where he wants to go. In the heart of Cybertron he found a primitive version of the cybertronians. The other thing that bugs Hot Rod is he had a vision that all that is left is him and these primitive species. Hot Rod’s idea is to unify the primitive race and the cybertonians before war and one of them are wiped out. Ultra Magnus and Kup suggest that Hot Rod keep this idea to himself and go with a more popular idea. There is one group of Autobots willing to follow Hot Rod and his idea… the Dinobots, who have become outcast and believe Grimlok is still out there.

Soundwave is sent to undermine the leadership by causing a revolt to place a Decepticon in charge. Galvatron is lurking in the mist waiting for his own take over. There is so many dangers facing the cybertronians and the Autobots even each other after the gene was unlocked by Scorponok.

It’s interesting where the story is going but it doesn't build the plot very well. It feels like there are maybe one too many elements because there are five different threats, and a power struggle. It felt slow moving because of the politics and needing to show the threats on all sides of the Autobots. It does well identifying the characters so if you’re new or still getting to know the universe you can know who is who. The art I have to give a little bit of props to, because it’s more classic Transformers from the 80’s and not trying to update the look.

This isn't a gripping story just a set up for something bigger. There aren’t any big plot cliff hangers leaving you wanting more. I'm sorry to say Hot Rod is becoming my next Bumble Bee as he’s everywhere and dealing with every situation, to where you end up hating him. That’s pretty sad since he is the next Prime depending on which stories you read or watched. I'll thumb through the next one to see what develops but if it doesn't hook me, Transformers might end up being just happy memories for me.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Simon Furman

Artist: Andrew Wildman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 5/8/13