Review: Robyn Hood: Wanted #2

This comic gave me and probably other readers exactly what we wanted; Robyn’s return to Myst. We didn’t have to wait that long and go through tons of other issues to be landed back in Myst. I love when a comic knows what the readers want and then gives it to them. They don’t delay with teases or make me buy a bunch of bullshit issues. Although Robyn doesn’t go back to Myst until the last page this issue wasn’t really revolved around her as much as it was revolved around Gisbourne and Marian. Marian, who helped free Nottingham from King John along with Robyn, has held onto this gem that holds great powers. She is worried for here town and fears that an evil is coming and hopefully this gem could be rebuilt by her in order to protect the town. Marian is trying to escape the grasp of Gisbourne whose power is greater than she expected. All fear him and he reminds me of Gaston. His second in command is some baller ass chick named Avella. (Clearly she is baller in that evil sort of way).

RHWANTED02_coverCLike I said, Robyn isn’t in this issue much which is ok since we get to spend most of our time in Myst. Last issue, Robyn was getting herself arrested. While chilling in the cop car, Will, a dude from Myst, arrives to save Robyn. He does and offers her the chance to come back to Myst in order to save Nottingham once again. I guess the thing that is most annoying about this comic is that it is the same story as the first volume. Robyn is confused about life and decides to go to Myst in order to save these people she has some sort of connection with. An evil man is trying to take Nottingham over for power and money. It is redundant.

Anyway, Robyn is reluctant to join another cause but she realizes how much it sucks on earth. Will is cute too so I think she has a crush on him and his chivalrous ways. Before Robyn can really settle into the idea of leaving again something unexpected happens which brings her into Myst.

I hope this volume does something other than the first and offers a different story. I would love to see more of Robyn’s past come out and see her families’ history too. She is connected to this place and we, as an audience, need to see this connection before we lose it. Robyn just can’t keep fighting other world’s wars without a purpose of her own.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Larry Watts

Publisher: Zenescope

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 6/12/13