Review: The Dream Merchant #2

Last review there were some mixed feelings about this comic. I decided to pick up with it because it struck a chord with me. I don’t think this comic is for all crowds. The story is maybe too simply based and some people couldn’t care less about dreams and what they mean. I am not a believer in that dreams have any meaning into your life, but I do think it takes our brain on this roller coaster ride. The mind experiences something in a dream and experiences do something to us whether our physical form is involved or not. See if you stopped reading up until this point then this comic is not for you. If you are like “Fuck. Yeah. Dreams.” then read this comic. Konstantin Novosadov’s art is just amazing. It fits this comic perfectly. It is so loose which is exactly how we see dreams. In the last review I raved about the art and the coloring too. All the purples, pinks, blues, and blacks really trip with my mind.

dreammerch02_coverWe get a lot of explanation in this issue. Last issue Winslow was running away from these ghost figures called The Regulators. A man helps him to escape and also has some answers for Winslow. I don’t want to give away too much because for one thing there is so much to say. Another reason is that I want you to experience this comic on your own and unlock the secrets. A lot of times I like to ruin things, but this comic I wanted to try something different. I will tell you that there are two worlds. Winslow must decide what world he wants to stand for and he must control his dreams in order to choose. Even that little information is mind-blowing. Winslow is still running away from The Regulators and we also get a new look of these guys. This time they have that living dead quality about them. They do have buttoned up shirts on which makes them all the more welcoming. These dudes aren’t super creepy I believe due to the fact that they will get creepier as the comic goes on. The Regulators do kill some hotel manager and we are told that they are very powerful. Some deaths must come.

The story adds another group of characters and that is the hospital in which Winslow and his gal pal escaped from. This part of the story was weird just because I don’t know what it has to do with anything. If they build on it then that would be cool, but if not it is wasted pages that could have been filled more trippy dream scenes.

This second issue has really set up a nice miniseries with the plot. The next four issues will only dig deeper into Winslow’s dreams. I am interested to see how he controls his dreams. The other world factor just adds more elements and I hope that we at least get a glance into it and how it works.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Nathan Edmondson

Artist: Konstantin Novosadov

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 6/12/13