Review: Rocketeer – Hollywood Horror #4

Rocketeer Hollywood Horror is the kind of thing you don’t get to read in comics too often-- a silly, pulpy book that’s as light as a feather and has as much heart and good intentions as anything you’re likely to come across.

This issue sees the conclusion of the short 4 issue run that is “Hollywood Horror”; it’s been a good time. We`ll be sad to see Roger Landridge and J Bone’s run end, at least I know I will. Landridge is on point here with perfectly golden-age dialogue and characterization that simply sparkles. Try not to fall in love with any/all of his heroes or even his delightfully throwback slew of villains, all of which feel plucked right out of the time period they became worn in and dropped in front of us in tidy packages for our entertainment.

If that sounds good, J Bone does us one even better with a style of drawing more akin to cartoons than comics that fit absolutely perfectly here. The bubbly, even innocent tone of the comic is perfectly paired with art that makes us feel like we`re kids again and it’s a great time.

Despite the monsters and goons The Rocketeer gives you the feeling that at the end of it all everyone calls it a night for stress and danger, clocks out and meets down at the diner for strawberry shakes and fries. And that’s how you’ll feel too after reading it.

This issue ties everything up nice and pretty, just the way you want it. The evil hypno-conman Otto Rune is thwarted. Our hero Cliff confesses his love for his girlfriend Betty in a moment of passion and subsequently gets the newly out of distress damsel. The Rocketeer gets his original jet-pack back and can again become The Rocketeer and the whole gang gets a wealthy (albeit mysterious) sponsor. Read before you go to bed or during some down time on a sunny afternoon, this thing goes down like a cool lemonade float.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Roger Langridge

Artist: J Bone

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 5/8/13