Review: Star Wars #5

May the 4th has come and gone but don't fear fellow Jedi's, Star Wars #5 is here. This issue was a little slower moving than I had hopped being that we're now five issues in. I won't go as far as saying that I'm starting to lose interest with the series but I would like to see the story move along a bit more than it has in recent issues. None the less, Brian Wood found a way to keep my interest just enough to keep me coming back at least for another month.

The issue picks up right where we last left off with Leia, Tess and Wedge facing off against Colonel Bircher's Star Destroyers and TIE interceptor group. The X-Wing squadron's plan is to get close to the enemy, drop torpedoes and manually fire them when they're at a safe distance. The plan seems to work until they realize that Bircher's men have caught on and come back at them with full force. Bircher himself finds a way to follow the squad, get above Leia and detonate himself to takeout Leia and her X-Wing leaving Tess and Wedge to believe that Leia has been taken out. Han and Chewie find themselves sticking out like a sore thumb in the Coruscant underground when they are approached by a female named Perla who claims to be with the Imperial Center Sanitation Department and is offering Solo a way out, for a price of course. Solo, unsure if he can trust Perla, says that he may be better off taking his chances against Boba Fett.

Luke and Prithi have taken off in search of Leia and her squad after receiving a warning from Obi Wan. While on their way, Prithi asks Luke about Ben and mentions to Luke that not only could she hear Ben, she was also able to see him. Back with the X-Wing squadron, Leia is hurt and stresses to Tess and Wedge that they need to leave her and go get help but they refuse to do so, they refuse to lose another friend. Leia has no idea that Luke has gone against her wishes and has come looking for her, on the flip side, Luke has no idea what he's getting Prithi and himself into.

It's possible that I'm just really excited to see artist Ryan Kelly take over with issue seven, but I feel that the art started to slip just a little bit in this issue. Chewie and Han looked a little different than usual, especially when they first meet Perla, Han seems to have gone back about twenty years in time. Other than a few explosions that looked really well done there wasn't anything that really jumped off the page and caught my attention.

Since the series is at issue five I have to assume that we're building up to a conclusion to the ark hopefully with the next issue. There's a ton of potential in the story so I'm going to have to be a little more patient and not expect some epic climax in every issue. With the introduction of Boba Fett, Brian Wood has tapped into every fanboys inner core and will leave us waiting in agony for a whole month to see what kind of bad assery he gets himself into. If you're just a casual fan of Star Wars and want to open up your pull list for other titles then finish out this arc and buy future trades but if you're a fan like me then hold on tight, be patient, and if the story is heading in a direction that you don't approve of then feel free to drop it like third period French.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Carlos D’Anda

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 5/8/13