Review: Rogues! #2

I’m a bit behind on this series, but it’s so much fun that I couldn’t resist reviewing the entire thing one issue at a time. This is the conclusion of “The Curse of the Chicken” which of course started in the first issue. Now the series lost Juan Jose Ryp on the art detail (thanks to Clone) which was of course concerning because he was a huge part of the first issues success, but I was pleased to find that the new artist for this issue did a great job of taking the reins and making it their own. There’s even a continuity joke thrown in for good measure so make sure you pay attention. The story beings in the familiar bar setting from last issue as the characters set the stage for the next part of their adventure. It’s clever that they returned to the bar because it’s in instant reminder to how the series began. Bram begins to tell the next part of the story, but The Weasel is quick to correct him and take over as the narrator. The duo decided to find the wizard’s manservant and question him on how to get rid of the curse; they find him as he exits from visiting his favorite prostitute and threaten his life. He informs them that there is no way to break the curse and that even if he helped them get the scroll they would need; no wizard alive would help them. He does however tell them of one dead wizard that would. From there the duo breaks into a graveyard and goes through a series of traps in order to enter the lair of the only wizard that posed a threat to Amthaeramus.

Rogues! #2 CoverThe ending is great and actually very clever. I really didn’t see it coming and that’s what made it so much fun. The story continued to be very entertaining. I like Bram and The Weasel’s relationship. It’s not sexual at all, but they don’t pretend that gender has nothing to do with them. They acknowledge it, but more important to both of them is that they can trust each other 100%. The dialog and narrative were very strong and the writing lead to an entertaining conclusion.

The art couldn’t hold a torch to Ryp’s, but I didn’t expect or want it too. If it was just a bad attempt at copying his style it would have been a constant reminder that it wasn’t Ryp’s style. Miguel Genlot is still a great fit for the story and from the looks of it there’s a different artist with each issue so as long as they capture the world that’s all that matters. Genlot does just that. He brings darkness to the world that is fitting of Conan, but manages to capture the lighthearted nature of Bram and The Weasel’s personalities. They may be ruthless killers, but they’re fun ruthless killers and Genlot captures that on the page.

This issue has been out for about two months, but I’m sure you can grab a copy online. Also the series has started to release on Comixology so if digital is more of your thing you have the option. I really enjoy this world. It’s like Conan, but with humor and it’s very clever. The way the story is told is timeless meaning we could experience adventures with these two characters for years and years to come and who after reading this doesn’t want that?

Score: 4/5

Writer: El Torres

Artist: Miguel Genlot

Publisher: Amigo Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/5/13