Review: Rover Red Charlie #4

What if I told you about a comic book about three friends at the end of the world? Sounds pretty cool right? What if I told you that the three friends are dogs and it is one of the best comics in the market right now? As the boys lay in a field the watch a bolt of lightning hits a tree. As a small fire burns Rover (Basset Hound) takes a duck that they have caught and attempts to cook it with fire. Due to the fact that he saw the Feeders (humans) do the same thing. As the boys continue to make their way to the “big splash” i.e. the ocean, they come across a military convoy that of course has a dog that Red (Red Setter) sniffs out. Audie (German Shepherd) is a military K-9. He fills the boys in on more information about what’s going on in the world and what made the Feeders go crazy. As the boys take what little info they can from the K-9 they keep their stride and keep moving on and leaving Audie to his post.

RRC4_RegAs Charlie (Mutt) narrates his feeling on the Feeders, his friends and the Big Splash he’s interrupted by Red who smells another dog. But this dog, Hobby (Gold Retriever) is sick, he’s covered with sores, bloody foot pads and is missing big patches of fur. He explains how he got this way and how the Feeders are to blame. As they ponder the information they boys do their best to make their friends final moments comfortable.

Everyone knows that Garth Ennis is a talented writer but to do what he’s doing with these three friends in Rover, Red and Charlie is amazing. The mindset, talent and vision that is all required to pull this off is beyond exceptional. Believe me when I say that he is doing more than using clique lines for the dogs. Rover, Red and Charlie all beam with personality with their own vocabulary that is simple and genius all at the same time. Making the three dogs just flat-out awesome characters that are easy to love. Add Michael Dipascale’s magnificent art that matches so will its criminal. From the dogs to their dangerous, violent and unknown world everything is clean, detailed and beautiful.

In a Crossed meets Milo and Otis kind of way this book is beyond awesome. Trust me, its way more Milo and Otis than Crossed. This book and especially this issue is touching, exciting and everything in between. Hats off to all involved with this book because they have truly created something memorable. Oh and I’m very sorry for not reviewing this sooner.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Michael Dipascale Publisher: Avatar Press Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/5/14