Review: Mega Man #34

Mega Man #34 is a new story arc that continues the story of Ra Moon.  Mega Man has been fully repaired, after his big fight with Ra Moon, and one of the key players in reviving Mega Man was none other than Dr. Wiley.  After Mega Man has been revived, Mega Man promises Dr. Wiley that he will help clear his name from any wrong doing with Ra Moon. Mega Man follows Dr. Light, Roll, Dr. Cossack, Dr. Astil, Plant Man, and Pharaoh Man into the Temple of Moon to find the remains of Ra Moon.  Throughout the expedition, Mega Man is not feeling quite himself.  He is very skittish after being rebuilt and is having a hard time focusing throughout the expedition.

Meanwhile Shadow Man is following the expedition team thinking that he needs to defend the temple. What Shadow Man does not know is that Break Man and eight other Robot Masters have been tracking down Shadow Man.  Shadow Man finally has Mega Man lined up for the kill; but Break Man and the rest of the Robot Masters stop Shadow Man, and convince Shadow Man to join up with Break Man and all the other Robots Masters.  The reason why they ask him to come back is because they consider Shadow Man one of them and they want to give him a purpose.  Meanwhile Mega Man’s expedition team seem to have located what they believe is the remains of Ra Moon.

MegaMan_34-0Mega Man #34 was a great issue.  The new arc continues from the previous arc where the group believes that Ra Moon is still alive. I also did like the development of Mega Man.  Mega Man usually is a tough little guy, but seeing him so skittish after being rebuilt was a different side of Mega Man I have never seen.  Plus Roll giving Mega Man her support throughout his tough time was nice.

The issue also has a second story that involves Mega Man X and his introduction. This second story was okay, but it felt like they took some liberties on the origin of Mega Man X from the game. It’s an okay origin, but I like the SNES story better.  It looks at some point they might put these two franchises together and tell a story.

The art in this book is also great, the art style for the book resembles a bit the art of the video games designs as well as the a bit of the cartoon series that came out in the 90’s but with a bit of its own charm to make the book unique. Great use of the coloring, bright and colorful and great consistency in each panel with the art.

Overall, this is a going jumping on point for fans of Mega Man since it is starting a new story, I am not quite sure where they are heading with the Mega Man X story, but the main Mega Man series has been quite entertaining, and I am looking forward to where the story is going next.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ian Flynn Artists: Tyson Hesse, Gary Martin, and Matt Herms Publisher: Archie Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 3/5/14