Review: Rumble #4

Even though Rumble wasn’t exactly what I wanted last month, I still like this comic. I did find the overarching story to be bland, but with so many cool characters, I couldn’t just drop it. Plus I guess a lot of stories overarching plot isn’t anything new. Either way, Rumble has some good things to offer. So the old man from issue #1 shows up again. We don’t exactly know his deal, but he seems like one of those dudes that have got a lot of bar stories. He would be a great companion if you wanted to free your mind of your own troubles. Bobby doesn’t react how I suspected, but he I think he is just getting used to the craziness in his life. Plus Rathraq has opened up about his whole story. Although last review I mentioned that it was odd for Rathraq to open up in such a way and the old man comments on this as well. So I just don’t know if I completely trust Rathraq. He really hasn’t given me anything to go off of. At least Del and Bobby are very honest people. When Bobby tells us he has no game with women, we see it first hand. So again, for some reason, I trust these two.

Rumble-#4From Bobby, we jump to Del and Rathraq. They are on this mission, although I still don’t know why Rathraq would bring Del. He is a dedicated man, but at the same time I wondering of his use. How many smart moves can this man make... I don’t know. This all goes back to me not trusting him. The interactions between all the major players in Rumble really worked out well.

This month’s story flowed a lot better than last month’s. A couple different factors helped, but I think John Arcudi focusing more on our main man, Bobby, gave the comic its flare back. I like this kid. I think a lot of readers will like this kid. He sort of gets thrown into this unexpected middleman. Especially with this issue. Lots of people can relate to being the middleman... although probably not as something as big as the world ending, but still you get the point.

The other strong aspect of Rumble is the art and coloring. James Harren creates this great dirty downtown feeling throughout the whole city. Just down to graffiti even makes this place scary. These little details although with his crazy monsters really gives Rumble this badass mood that you just can’t shake. Then throwing Dave Stewart’s coloring on top on this panels adds to this world. At every moment it looks like dusk outside. Lots of oranges, purples, and deep pinks are being used. I can’t help but get caught up in this coloring.

Most readers can agree that Rumble has some positives aspects. I think we all just hope that the story can stay on track and of course that Bobby keeps playing such a big role. With the ending of this story, I don’t think he will be able to just let go of Rathraq. Bobby is too nice a guy to just let this drop, so I guess we will see.

Score: 3/5

Rumble #4 Writer: John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Colorist: Dave Stewart Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/25/2015 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital