Review: Samurai Jack #8 ridiculously cute. Best three words to describe my adventure in Samurai Jack. Maybe the comic wasn’t trying to be cute, but us girls can’t help but take it that way. Andy Suriano’s art is so fun. It has tons of bright colors and cute little creatures. If Aku wasn’t in rule, it would be such an awesome place. It looks like all the drawings of young artists combined in emporium of creativity. Clearly the art is a huge selling point for this comic. Plus we all base comics off of the cover, so give me something I get giddy about. Samurai Jack panders to the needs of the readers perfectly. We enter each comic with a recap of what is going on. Aku has sent Jack into the future, where Aku is king. It is a brilliant plan, and now Jack struggles to find his way back to prevent this awful future from happening. Pretty good basis for a comic.

SamuraiJack08-cvrSub copy 2But once you open the comic that is where the real fun begins. This comic is action packed. This is the comic’s high note, but also its downfall at the same time. Let me first explain the high notes. Jack, again, offers some high action with issue #8. This being my first time reading the comic, I can’t say they are all like this, but I think it is safe to say that the comic relies on this type of intensity from beginning to end. Plus reading some reviews from our site, it is clear that action is above all else. The story is told with pictures, and I can dig it. Sometimes we spend too much time reading words and not enough seeing how the comic is really laid out. With such huge action scenes this can prove to be difficult yet enthralling to the new comic reader. In this sense, I could see a lot of different people enjoying some Samurai Jack with intense action and captivating art.

Now for the low notes. Although the comic has so much action, I could see some getting sick of this comic very easily. It literally had no words except for the back story, so about 1 page. From jumping onto the issue, I only know the backstory then, and not much else. I mean I get Jack is fighting some evil spirits, but there needs to be more. Again, maybe the other issues dive into more of a continuous plot. It is difficult to get that fun action with pictures, but then give some story that can be just as intense.

So in conclusion, I was satisfied. The comic has a great world laid out. Samurai Jack, as a character, is everything that I thought he would be; too cool. Although the plot wasn’t all that intriguing, I think this comic can be enjoyed by any age with an imagination. That is what the comic is all about. Opening imagination and letting it pour out onto the reader.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jim Zub and Andy Suriano Artist: Andy Suriano Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/28/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital