Review: Mega Man #37

Megaman #37 is the start of a new story arc called “Dawn of the X” that crosses both the original Mega Man and Mega Man X into one story.  The story begins in the future with X crime fighting a group called the Emerald Spears, a group which basically is anti-robots. When Mega Man X hears who the Spears are, he begins to wonder why this group was created.  Time travel to the past and Mega Man, along with Bright Man, and Pharaoh Man are off to an exploration into one of Wiley’s old bases.  Meanwhile Gil and Roslyn are investigating a lead that was provided and it leads them into Xander Payne which turns out that he is the leader of the Emerald Spears, after a firefight, Xander escapes into what seems to be a time machine. I am guessing that Xander will play a role into the story joining both Mega Man and Mega Man X. This Mega Man issue starts off quickly to lay down the ground work to introduce X and Mega Man, but it also starts introducing possibilities between Xander, Mega Man, and X. I also enjoyed the interaction between the doctors when Mega Man, and the other robot master are out exploring. It showed that even though they are working together for a common goal, there is still some animosity between Cossack and Wiley with Light being more of a neutral party. The transitions between present Mega Man, and X were also smooth and made sense they didn’t just jump from one point to another without purpose it was used as a tool to move the story. The ending of the issue was cool and it solidifies that there stories are intertwined.

MEGA_37-0 copy 2The art is what I have expected all along from the Mega Man series, great use of colors, consistent pages, the style keeps true to artwork form the video games that you are used to.  Even when you are jumping from past to present, you can appreciate the change in the artwork. While in the present Mega Man is cartoony; in X the style changes to show you that X is a more series version of Mega Man, but the change is not that great that it breaks the consistency of the art.  The artist do a great job to keep the art very balanced.

Overall Mega Man # 37 is a solid book, that moves the story along, and has good artwork and it is also a good starting point for fans that have not picked up the book.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ian Flynn Artists: Jamal Peppers, Gary Martin Colorist: Matt Herms Publisher: Archie  Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 05/28/14