Review: Savage Dragon #201

Well, Savage Dragon had hit its landmark 200th issue last month promising to be an intense and wonderful event. What happened?  Young Malcolm Dragon got laid, a lot.  He even had a rather interesting threesome going.  It was disappointing to me at best and kind pissy at worst.  But, I gave it the benefit of a doubt as the series itself has been on strong footing since the big change of placing Malcolm in the lead Dragon role.  I have been pleased overall and Erik Larsen has been on a roll writing with some serious mojo recently and drawing his ever intense Pow Bang action style that has made this title one of my all time favorites through the years. Even so, the “Malcolm gets laid” plot point has just not been bringing it like the previous issues of Malcolm dealing with life and the City of Chicago’s problems.  It just hasn’t been on point. But with the big 200th over and 201 returning, we do see a return to more traditional footing as Malcolm and Dart do some pretty good battling during the last half of the issue.  No fault found there as it is intense and kind of unique as Dart, fresh from her prison escape has a little trick up her sleeveless sleeves that even takes young Malcolm by surprise.

Savage-Dragon-#201-1-14-15But before that action takes place, we have to deal with more of Malcolm getting laid.  There is some lady drama brewing for our young stud Dragon that seems to be reaching a climax of some sort (pun intended).  I just don’t quite know if I am as into it or not.

Maybe it is my advanced age and young Dragons in love getting their groove on just isn’t so appealing to me. Or maybe it just doesn’t feel right for the propulsion of the ongoing story.  I don’t know what it is. But Malcolm getting laid just isn’t doing it for me. And even as we are dealing with this awesome battle with Dart, we return a few days after the action with the potential for more Malcolm Dragon lovemaking time as a new female resident (make that two) are moving into young Mr. Dragon’s abode that will be playing out in the next issue.

Erik Larsen has continued to do well in his double creative duty as he always has making Savage Dragon strong and sturdy.  But the blandness from Issue #200 has continued onward in Issue #201.  I just haven’t been digging on it.

Now there may be some people who are enjoying Malcolm’s sexual adventures.  Larsen certainly draws and writes it to be impressive.  But you can only deal with so much before the inevitable enemies come on strong and unleash their monstrous havoc on the landscape and hopefully on young Malcolm’s face in the process. I am hopeful that things will return.  Until then, grab up a chair and get some popcorn as the future for Malcolm will consist of some ass kicking and some ass tapping for the foreseeable future.

Score: 2/5

Writer/Artist: Erik Larsen Colorist: Nikos Koutsis Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/14/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital