Review: Randal’s Monday (PC)

Randal’s Monay is a game published by Daedalic Entertainment and developed by Nexus game studios.  The game is a point and click adventure game where you take control of Randal Graves. The game takes you into a bar where Randal is celebrating his friend Matt's bachelor’s party.  During their celebration, Matt entrusts Randal with the wedding ring that he will give his fiancée. Randal asked Matt about the ring and Matt confesses that he got the ring for cheap from a crazy hermit who warned him that the ring is cursed. Matt disregards the warning and still buys the ring. Randal agrees to keep the ring until the wedding and the celebration continues.  After a night of drinking Randal wakes up but gets a creepy feeling from the ring and adventure ensues from there. Randals Monday-016

Randal’s Monday is a solid game.  The game is a traditional Point and Click game were you interact with pretty much your entire environment. One thing I enjoyed about this game is that you can choose how to play it.  You can play the game the old school way were you have to use your noggin to figure out how to solve each of the puzzles that Randal faces or you can play the game with hints.  I liked this option since it gives all range of players a way to enjoy the game.  Another part of this game I enjoyed was the dialogue tree.  The game is filled with tons of dialogue which enriches the game experience and also let loose Randal’s charm and wit which is voiced by Jeff Anderson.   The game is also filled with tons of Easter eggs from pop culture.  From The Dude to Link’s costumes there is a bit for everyone when you explore your environment.  The game does a great job catering to all fans.

Randals Monday-005

Overall Randal’s Monday is a great game to play.  It’s a game were players can play the game in their prefer style, it has tons of story and it caters to fans of all pop culture.

Score: 4/5

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Price: $24.99 Format: PC