Review: Secret Identities #2

Secret Identities #2 gives us a bit more of the team dynamic. There’s some shady business that one of the members might be involved in. Mostly I’m still trying to keep track of how many members are on this team. Six? We just don’t know. Secret-Identities-#2Seriously, I have a hard time keeping track of who’s who, and I spent my first read-through just trying to remember names. That aside, I am enjoying the team dynamic quite a bit, and in #2 we got more interactions with and within the group. Whereas in #1 we glimpsed each member’s individual lives, in this issue we see more of them as a group or in pairs, observing how they work together. It definitely makes me want to know more; I’m curious about the origins of this team. We’re given bits and pieces in each issue, and soon enough we’ll be able to put it all together.

Crosswind is an official member, and he holds his own, but the others don’t yet trust him. It’s going to take a bit of work before he’s in enough to truly infiltrate the team, and he already seems frustrated.

The art is solid; Kyriazis does well with the fight scenes, managing to show quite a lot of action without overwhelming or sacrificing.

This team and its members are interesting and entertaining, but they’re by no means perfect, and that makes these characters feel a bit more real. I particularly enjoyed that little moment with the press.

Overall: good art, a fun team with both intriguing individual characters and realistic dynamics between members. Does well balancing the action, the personal, and the intrigue.

Score: 4/5

Secret Identities #2 Writers: Jay Faerber, Brian Joines Artist: Ilias Kyriazis Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital