Review: Groo: Friends and Foes #3

This month our pals Groo and canine companion Rufferto travel into some more danger in the form of an eerie illusion set up by witches Arba and Dakarba.  Usually it’d scare people off from coming into their village where they keep slaves to do work for them, but Groo doesn’t have the mental capacity to stay away.  Groo and Rufferto end up going all the way into the town while Arba and Dakarba are left scrambling to think of a way to get rid of Groo. Groo---Friends-&-Foes-#3In their minds, the only thing that would scare Groo is… well, another, larger Groo.  They conjure up a supersized Groo and tell him to destroy the real Groo.  Some townspeople get a hold of the real Groo and warn him of the ways of Arba and Dakarba.  Once the people realize who he is, they ask Groo to fight for them and their freedom from slavery under the two witches.  He agrees to think about it while he eats a ridiculous amount of their food, while Arba and Dakarba have already summoned their oversized version of Groo.

Turns out the bigger the Groo is, the dumber he is so whether or not he forgets his purpose and ends up eating most of the town’s food.  I won’t give any spoilers past that, you just have your quirky madness that’s come to be expected from this series.

Overall, this is another enjoyable installment of a book I’ve come to look forward to reading these past few months.  It’s a breath of fresh air amongst so many books that take themselves very seriously and sometimes fail to deliver.  This type of story is quite the opposite, this is one just to breeze through and enjoy.

When I first started reviewing this series, I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be longevity and we’d get just random stories thrown together and a laugh here and there but not much.  It might be a little too early to say, but so far I’ve enjoyed my time with this book and can imagine the misadventures of Groo and Rufferto are going to get even more ridiculous.

Score: 4/5

Groo: Friends and Foes #3 Writer: Mark Evanier Artist: Sergio Aragones Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Print/Digital