Review: Seven Warriors #3

This series really started off on a high note, but with the second issue I should have written my prediction for the ending and sealed it in an envelope to prove that I knew exactly where the story was going. If you’ve yet to check the series out then I would actually recommend reading it in trade paperback form as it would have a much more natural flow to it rather than having this issue leave you with the feeling of a slow let down. What’s left of our escaping outfit is about to storm a small camp of men and take their camels. This is one of the few battles that don’t result in someone dying which was becoming a predictable formula. After that the desert sage Izza predicts a sand storm and gets everyone to cover so that they’re not lost in the sand. During the storm the remaining women have time to reflect upon their previous battles and lost partner wives. It turns out that leaving them alone with their thoughts is not the best thing to do. Afterwards they reach their destination only to find the sacred palace ransacked by their enemies already, but don't worry there is still food and supplies for five years that they didn't touch.

7Warriors_03_rev_CVROkay this next part is spoiler territory so you’ve been warned. Remember in the first issue when I talked about a weird scene where the Prince was locked up with all of his female protectors? Well they were drugged and got it ON! Why? To guarantee that the blood line continued no matter what, but also the Prince dies. If you couldn’t have guessed that by the end of the second issue then you're probably enjoying this mundane ending.

"With the direction of the sun I would say I'm full of @$&^!"

My problem with the ending is that A) it was very predictable and B) full of plot holes. The Prince is killed by one of his protectors because she’s stricken with grief over losing her wife. Really? Frankly I’m surprised only one of them stabbed him and that it took three issues to do it. The jackass never even showed remorse or sympathy for their loss, so yeah I can see him getting run through.

As for the plot holes there are many, for instance how the hell did the Prince knock up eight women in one night? This book quickly became all about Izza with the second issue, but everything about her character is too convenient. She just so happened to know where the exit to the underground passage was and didn’t get caught going through the city by herself to get there. She just so happens to be good with a sword and use to live in the desert and knows the path to the hidden palace. What the fuck doesn’t she know?

One bit that super bothered me was when the women discovered that they had secretly been impregnated (don’t ask), and Izza basically says that she too is pregnant and everyone else accepts it as “matter of fact.” Here’s a problem, we as the reader know that she was impregnated before the others and the simple fact is she was an unexpected addition to the group. But no one calls out this detail and really everyone just moves on and begins dealing with the fact that their having unwanted children.

I cannot give this book a good score which is a shame since it started off with high marks. I personally bought the first two issues, but I will not be picking up the last issue. If you’re a completionist or really need to finish the series than go for it; for everyone else I would again just recommend the trade which will give you a much fuller reading experience, but as a standalone issue though it’s not very good and in general the ending brings down the quality of the series.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Michael Le Galli Artist: Francis Manapul Colorist: Christelle Moulart Publisher: Boom! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/11/12