Review: Sherwood, TX #2

There was a lot of potential for this series after the first issue. Instead this second issue jumps a year ahead in the story so that it can stay in line with the original Robin Hood narrative. It the loosest sense it works, but the story would have benefitted from not taking the obvious path. SherwoodTX2_CvrAgain we flash forward to a year after Rob Hood was shot and left in a mine to die. I’m still not sure how he was captured right in front of people and hauled off, but oh well. We find the Nobles hard at work with their human sex trafficking and Rob Hood shooting a bow and arrow in the woods. We learn that his wife is aware that he’s alive and that he’s going by the name of Loxley. The rest of the issue is the Jester’s plan to insert one of their own into the Nobles gang to bring them down and seeing how big of bastards the Nobles are.

I was really hoping that after the last issue this series would take off. The first issue was choppy, but showed promise. This issue is choppier and does very little for the story other than wink and nudge you when other Robin Hood supporting characters show up. The writing isn’t bad, but the dialogue isn’t very believable.

The art is consistent with the last issue. Rob is sporting the goatee and twirly mustache now, but otherwise the art remains unchanged. It supports the story, but the story is weakening so much that it’s going to get crushed.

I really don’t see myself coming back to finish this series. It’s not terrible, but it’s in love with its concept more than it’s concerned about telling an interesting story. If you’re really obsessed with biker gangs or Robin Hood inspired stories then you’ll likely continue to enjoy this series.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Shane Berryhill Artist: Daniel Hillyard Publisher: 12-Gauge Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/20/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital