Review: Sidney Hammer

There’s room for everything in comics. There’s room for male driven fantasy’s and there’s plenty of room for female driven fantasy’s as well. That doesn’t mean that currently they’re balanced by any means, but that doesn’t mean you can still do them. Sidney Hammer is definitely a male driven fantasy. Which you can probably tell from the cover because Sidney needs a bra desperately. I mean it could be her thing not to wear one, but with a cup size that large and as much action as she’s facing you’d think she’s want the support. I can also tell this is a male driven fantasy because on the first few pages she’s swinging a hammer through a zombie and she poses twice to make sure we can see her protruding nipples and once to point her ass towards the reader. This is followed by a full-page spread of her standing facing us and again her nipples are outlined through the shirt she’s wearing. I mean I’m not one to complain about bra-less women, but… we have the internet now right?

The story isn’t actually that bad, but the dialogue is all exposition and frankly it all goes on for far too long. Sidney works for a “Weekly News” type of outlet, but of course the news she reports on is actually true. Not the first time I’ve read a story like that and it probably won’t be the last. Her latest story has her fighting zombies though I never really picked up on why she was called there, who knew about the zombies beforehand and why a rock band that consists of a woman in her underwear with taped nipples, a man with Elvis’ head and a creepy guy that wants to take photos of people, but he’s super creepy.

Sidney-Hammer-1There’s a slight twist to the story and that’s about it. There’s never a sense of danger and everyone dismantles the zombies with ease while giving ridiculous amounts of exposition. There’s also a ton of narration as well which was total overkill.

The art is okay. Sidney’s boobs, butt and crotch receive a lot of emphasis, but overall she’s a mess of proportions. A lot of her poses are inhuman which is strange since it seems like most of the book was photo referenced. The art and coloring are very similar to IDW’s Killogy which was another story more focused on telling you a lot of the story rather than showing you anything.

I’m sure some people will find this story to be a romp, but for me it was a mess. The story has an ending that makes sense, but everything leading up to it is a big “huh.” There’s no sense of time that’s passed and all of the characters are one-dimensional at best. Still, there’s probably enough T&A to entice people to check it out. For me, the King is dead and if he were alive he’d be doing retirement commercials or showing up as an investor on Shark Tank, not dishing out his youthful likeness for a strange band combination. I feel like this is where the review should end because much like the comic it doesn’t make any sense.

Score: 1/5

Sidney Hammer Writer/Artist: Massacre Colorist: Daniel Seijas Publisher: Amigo Comics Price: $5.99 Format: One-Shot; Print