Review: Six #1-4

While I enjoyed the Six, there’s so much like it in comics currently that it didn’t stand out enough. It has a familiar storyline, but managed to create characters that are rather deep and while they make the difference, it’s just not quite enough. Six-#1-1The story is fairly simple to sum up because again it’s more about the characters than their actions. A unit of six are in Iraq and loose a squad member while clearing an area. They do however find a shit ton of gold. They decide to fake their deaths alongside their dead friend. The leader of the squad sets up the dead man’s wife for life and it’s clear that there’s a bit more to their relationship.

Some years later, she calls asking for help and he rounds up the old team that have all moved on to what they could consider normal lives if they weren’t technically dead. The first two issues set that up and start the recruitment process. None of them kept in contact apparently which makes it fun for them to travel all over the country to get them. The third issue takes a break and actually shows us what’s going on with the wife and her battle against a drug cartel that wants to use her business to transport drugs. Then the fourth issue goes back into gathering the rest of the team.

It's not bad and as I said the characters make it worth reading. They’re all very unique and you’ll either love or hate their personalities which is the sign of great characters. The story really would have benefitted from a shorter recruitment time and better pacing. The first issue jumps back and forth in the timeline and while it’s not confusing, it does break the pacing each time. That’s something that also happens in the other issues as well. The story just jumps when it needs to which is a very TV storytelling device, but the problem is this is a comic book. The pacing, the time spent with the material is all very different.

Six-#4-1That and the overall conflict just seems to easy. Will everyone make it out alive? Probably not, but then they’re already dead right? It’s just seems like there could have been a different and better conflict for them to face. Or rather than sending them home to live off the money, force them to say in the middle east and build new lives while avoiding their old ones. Ex-soldiers versus cartel just isn’t that exciting.

The artwork is fantastic. It’s not quite to the level of Mitch Gerard’s military artwork, but it’s the next closest. The art is very detailed and also reminded me a bit of Bryan Hitch’s character work. What really makes it stand out in the coloring. It’s very earthy looking, but it makes it more realistic because of that. There hasn’t been a lot of action yet, but what little there has been could use a few more panels or pages to really get a flow going. Right now it’s a bit choppy, but its serviceable comic book action.

Six is entertaining though. Since it’s only six issues* I will definitely finish the series and it’s clear from the first issue that this series was plotted with six issues in mind so I’m hoping they stick the landing and nail the pacing. If you like military esque stories, then you’ll like the Six.

*Found out there's eight issues, which actually sits better with me!

Score: 3/5

Six #1-4 Writer: Andi Ewington Artist: Mack Chater Colorist: Dee Cunnffe Publisher: 451 Media Price: $3.99 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital