Review: Snake Eyes #9

Marvel Comics did something awesome in issue 21 of their G.I. Joe run by having the issue free of any dialogue. The mute Snake Eyes invades Cobra headquarters to rescue Scarlett. This issue had not one word and also featured the first appearance of Storm Shadow. We’ve had a slew of shows, movies, games, and comics without any spoken dialogue. But there was something about that comic that made an impact on me. From then on, my fascination with ninja’s was unfaltering. It made Snake Eyes stand out in a zone of Chappy Sinclair coolness above all the other Joes.

While IDW’s Snake Eyes #9 does have dialogue, it reminds me of how amazing Snake Eyes can be--just like he was in Marvel’s issue 21. The silent but deadly nija takes on a convoy of H.I.S.S tanks all by himself. He fights a mech suit just like in Avatar. And in a fit of gorilla-nasty lovemaking, he un-gays Rosie O’ Donnell.

SnakeEyes9coverThe Joes are forced to occupy Fort Baxter after their place was wrecked by a kegger where the Omega Moos showed up and knocked shit around. General Hawk leaves Duke in charge of the Lambda Lambda Lambdas. Hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and a small team of Joes infiltrate Nanzhao, the country Cobra looks to occupy for their endless of supply of Rice Krispies and Opium. This is nowhere near where those bastards kept Doug Masters’ dad captive.

Snake Eyes proves to have his own agenda when he ditches the group to invade Cobra H.Q. And Storm Shadow ends the issue. Cool.

The story moves fast, works well, and supplies all the vehicles, characters, and action a reader could ask. Out of Cobra, A Real American Hero, and Snake Eyes, this book feels like the creative team jives. There are no hang-ups to provide explication. That’s a strength when handling an action book like this. With the addition of some interesting tech and adult themes, this book can be the frontrunner of any 80s-lover’s nostalgia kick.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Alex Call Colorist: J. Brown Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/11/12