Review: Sonic Boom #1

Sonic Boom number one is a brand new series from Archie Comics that team up Sonic the Hedgehog with all his friends from the TV show and the video games.   In this new series, the story takes places in Tropical Island and we are introduced to the team via a fight with Dr. Eggman.  The book quickly introduces you to each character and it gives you a quick character moment and what they do. Sonic with the help of his friends defeat Dr. Eggman and we are introduced to a new character name Sticks the Badger.  Sticks goes on to explain to Sonic and the gang that Tails’ house has been stolen by a giant rock robot but she or the group don’t know why this robot has taken Tails’ home and the team is off to find this robot and get the house back.

SonicBoom_01-0The introduction to this book is quite good. You get a quick intro of all Sonic’s friends that fans have grown to love throughout the video games or the series of shows that Sonic has had over the years.  Each character gets there ten seconds to shine and you are quickly informed of the cast and what they do. This was done great and quickly without having to waste too much time on each character individually.

One thing I was a bit disappointed with this book is that it is self-aware that it’s a comic book. I found that to be distracting and it took away from the story of the issue.  There seems to be a gap as to why Tails’ house was taken.  It seemed a bit abrupt and confusing since the crew had already defeated Dr. Eggman.  Also, the use of Knuckles as the bumbling idiot was a bit of a turn off.  I know you need someone to be the comic relief but Knuckles shouldn’t be that character; I’d rather see Tails in that role or Sticks.

While the story had some problems the art work saves this book. Like in most Archie Comics that art style is great. I love the use of the cartoony style, and use of bright colors to pop out the characters.  The details were great as well and the art was very consistent throughout.

Overall, Sonic Boom number one was an ok start. It starts off fast and fun but in the middle, the story had some problems and the character dialogue was a bit cheesy but the artwork somehow saves the book from being a complete bore.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ian Flynn Artist: Evan Stanley Publisher: Archie Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/29/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital