Review: Star Wars: Darth Maul - Death Sentence #2

Remember when you saw Phantom Menace and you thought to yourself, “well would you look at that spry and nimble Dathomirian fellow, he seems cool.” Well guess what? He’s back with some fucking robot legs and a brother named Savage and all they do is kick-ass and fuck people up! This is going to be good! In the middle of a full-fledged ass whopping the brothers are greeted by a pair of Jedi, Salmara and her partner that have come to investigate due to the bounty the whole Outer Rim heard of. As the Jedi approach the brothers, they use the olive branch through diplomacy and ask the brothers if they can go easy and just put down their sabers. Stupid Jedi and their let’s be friends crap.

Savage tells them to eat shit and Maul agrees and this triggers a full-scale ass beating lead by the brothers. The brothers loose the upper hand as Savage is tricked with a container of carbonite and becomes incased. In the middle of all of the confusion Dray, the little padawan with the "So-Cal Thrasher haircut" takes a cheap shot and stabs Maul in his robot legs. Maul retunes the favor by taking both of his hands.

DeathSentence2FinalNow wounded, Maul flees and passes out on the surface due to his wound. Out cold he is haunted by his personal dark side and failures; mainly his loss to Kenobi that left him with his mangled body.

Now awake in the home of the Trisjon ( the cat-ish type people who Ja’Boag has enslaved to work the mines) Maul calms down as he learns about the rising of the three suns on the planet and how Trisjon and his people may have a way to get his brother Savage back. This idea intrigues Maul and he agrees to train the people for his own private army.

The good thing about this book is easy; Maul and Savage kick all kinds of ass. They’re badasses and this is all we as Star Wars fans want these characters to do. The fact that they added a little angst and self-doubt with Maul and his past is great-- It adds more depth to him and expands him as a character. Also it doesn’t hurt the Bruno Redondo‘s art does the brothers justice. There are a few things that struck me as odd, like the fact that he didn’t cut that stupid ass little padawan’s head off when he stabbed him is beyond me.  Also how did that hurt Maul when he got hit in the robot part of his legs? Whatever…

If you’re a Star Wars fan, especially a Maul fan this book will entertain you. If I had to be picky I’d like to see the brothers go on a tear and destroy everything in sight, but hey that’s just me.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Bruno Redondo Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 8/29/12