Review: Satanic Hell #2 (of 7)

From out of nowhere Satanic Hell came on the scene and got me interested with their fish out of water, metal band in the Bible belt story line. But does it have enough shreddage to shout at the Devil? Well does it? In Dallas Texas the powers that be sit and talk about sins, money and what they’re going to do about it. After they settle on their current agenda the talk moves to Satanic Hell. Knowing that the band is populating the minds of the youth the board gives Reverend Shudder the responsibility of taking care of the band.

In San Angelo Texas the band is hitting the stage to play to the crowd. After the show the guys head backstage and conduct an interview with Brimstone quarterly. After the interview the boys gear up and head off to their next date in Dallas. Before the group heads out into town the guys dress up like Bible thumpers to “blend in” with the locals. After a little chat with some faithful followers they head to a private underground club to relax.

Meanwhile Reverend Shudder comes home to his daughter Eva and asks her everything that she knows about a band called Satanic Hell.

Satanic_Hell_2_coverWell Satanic Hell had two ways that it could go for its second issue. One, it could delve deeper into the enter workings of the town and really start to another layer of interest or it could give the reader something insane.

Sadly if just felt like more of the same. The issue recycles most of the plot points that were driven home in the first book.  Making for a lot of redundancy, which is really too bad because the first issue ended as if it was picking up speed to dive into something special. Not only that but the art feels less detailed and almosted rushed a bit. The panels that show the band preforming look to have little to no detail.

While not as interesting and the first issue, there is still some hope for Satanic Hell. It’s just really hard to tell what this book wants to do. Is it trying to climb a personal soapbox or does it want to raise a social point and control and religion or does it want to be a thriller with super natural overtones? Whichever it decides to be, let’s just hope it gets there soon.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Grigoris Douros Artist: Kevin Enhart Publisher:  Zeno Telos Press Price: $.99 Release Date: 08/18/2012