Review: Star Wars - Knight Errant #5

Kerra and Jenn fight Zodoh the Hutt and his Stormdrivers as the Hutt attacks Darkknell. Kerra comes face to face with Zodoh, and the two battle in zero gravity as Jenn fights off the Hutt’s fleet of ships. The story is serviceable yet forgettable. Likewise, the artwork is middle of the road. Although at some points Zodoh looked more like a brown MacDonald’s Grimace than a Hutt.

A very plain ending caps this series, and doesn’t leave much in the way of wanting more from the “Knight Errant” storyline.

I do give props to the idea of the Stormdrivers. These ships create fowl weather that generates moisture enough to flood a planet. This could have made a far more interesting conflict, but the ships are as worthless as a pair of Stormtroopers on watch to fire on any escaping life pods from a Corellian Corvette. What a shame that an opportunity was missed with that one.


Score: 2/5

Writer: John Jackson Miller Artist: David Daza Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50