WTF Review: Ghostbusters #4

Now finishing this story there is so much to say let’s start with WTF. Let’s review the story; Idulnas has Ray trapped while trying to implant an idea how to destroy the world again because the first attempt was a defeated (the Marshmallow Man). The rest of the crew is planning how to save Ray and the rest of the world. You open up here with Ray in a dream state with Jake Blues talking to him (yes this is true if not its very similar) and how to save the world and remembering the Marshmallow Man. The rest of the crew is flying to the top of the building where Ray is for the rescue. The epic battle is about to begin. Well I now can call this Ghostbusters 1.5. It’s just an extended version of Ghostbusters so we can see fan favorites again. Last issue could have built to so, so much more and I believe it was blown. So yes I was disappointed as a fan boy I have to say the ending was rushed. To be honest it feels like this was brought back for nostalgia and sales.

This story would have been awesome if I was seven and I was trying to get the toys and cars and watch every movie seven times a day. I hope, but it probably won’t happen, that they can turn this ship around and make a decent story. And one other thing... you can’t crossover Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters they are based in two different worlds/cities and it just doesn’t work for me and I was about to drop the book right there. This book went down like a heaping flaming pile of marshmallows.


Score: 1/5