Review: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: War #1

This is a new series put out by Dark Horse Comics in the vast Star Wars stories out there. The Republic Navy has been dealt defeat after at the hand of the Mandalorians and now the Jedi are getting involved to try to turn the tide of war. What caught my attention to read this book is that it is a war with the Mandalorians which the only history I know is Bobba Fett’s armor that he wears. The story begins as the navy and the Jedi led by master Kace are on the Outer Rim looking and taking out Mandalorian strong holds. Master Kace and the Jedi head out before the rest of the navy lead by Captain Morvis and a band of Phaeda militia as they hit the beach. In this militia contains one person known as a Jedi washout Zayne Carrick. Carrick and Captain Morvis butt heads as Morvis takes out all Mandalorians armed or not. Carrick rather be peaceful than war but destruction and bad luck follows him. Master Kace comes back to report the Mandalorians are on the run and are in the mountains. He and the Jedi are heading to finish them there if the navy will help to clear them out of the forest. At this point Carrick doesn’t believe in the fight and heads to the forest to warn the Mandalorians. This is where he finds a secret which leads to destruction and deceit.

Star-Wars_Knights-of-the-Old-Republic_War_Wilkins-Cover_1The story is an interesting one. Actually keeps you reading and moving which sometimes can get lost in Star Wars due to a lot of background or history that can tie in with the story. The characters are well written Captain Morvis is a "flat military destroy everything to win a war" type leader. But Carrick has depth which is good for a main character as he tries to hard to do everything right. The story keeps moving along well and progresses to get to the twist with no hang ups.

The art is like most Star Wars book I have seen done very well with detail but one thing seems missing and that's the detail of the Mandalorian armor. You can see the basics of what we know about the armor, but it’s very basic. This is where I was disappointed. I know all the warriors don’t have to look like Jango and Bobba Fett but a few would have been nice. The art did capture the action and didn’t exaggerate the characters features to show the action. Nothing really pops out for me in the art to be super impressed, but it fits the book.

Overall it’s a good book to read and if you’re looking for a new Star Wars series try this one. Me I may pick up the second book to see how it progresses. It was just a very average book for me. I’m waiting for a Star Wars bounty hunter series out there which I hear there is one coming out.

Score: 2/5

Writer: John Jackson Miller Artist: Andrea Mutti Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50