Review: Operation Broken Wings, 1936 #3

Another of Boom’s translated ports from Europe ends this week. I guess in order to continue this review I’m going to have to instantly give a SPOILER warning. That is the unfortunate nature of this beast. This book is so revealing that I can’t even tell you what emotion I felt towards the end of it, without possibly spoiling the series for you. I will try to save it for the end, but hey… it could slip out sooner. The Major finishes his daring escape only to head back into the city. He meets with a waitress in the back of a bar who’s going to help him plant something… a gun. He hands her some money and tells her to leave town. Then after all he's done, daring escape and drive through the water ways of the city, he sits down at a café and orders a coffee. Of course the army shows up and we get the now classic image from the second issue cover of every gun pointed at him while he sits waiting patiently. From there he’s dragged to prison and tortured daily leaving you to wonder for the moment, “What’s his plan?”


The ending to this book was a bittersweet. Overall it’s been a good series, but the last issue suffers from the same problem as Seven Warriors, its better as a whole rather than a standalone issue. Really all I can say without just saying the ending is that if you haven’t read the first two issues don’t just pick up this issue. It was entertaining and the Major is definitely a badass, but to be honest the book fell a bit flat with this issue and the ending felt rushed and awkward even if the results were appropriate.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Herik Hanna Artist: Trevor Hairsine Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/11/12