Review: Strange Kids Club #5

I have been sitting on this issue since… I don’t even know when. My wife had a kid and I became Mr. Mom and while that doesn’t make it into all my reviews for this one it does because I was kind of new to the Mr. Mom’ing and while I wanted to sit down and read the hell out of Strange Kids Club I never did. Obviously I have now and all I can say is that I want more. I may even want the first four issue to check out and that’s fucking rarity from me.

Strange Kids Club is one half fake magazine and other half real comics. There is a mixture of real ads for nerdy shit throughout the magazine, but then there’s stuff like retro video games that don’t exist. You kinda want them to exist, but they don’t. In a way, it’s a reminder of what made magazines so much fun as a kid. Strange Kids Club is trying to capture that feeling. Because there are generations today that don’t care or want to understand magazines and comics in print form. Because as a kid it wasn’t there only source of info and they don’t have to wait a month for new news on a subject because the internet has made all of that instant. Strange Kids Club or SKC is a throwback to that. It’s a polished, well produced, fantastically written magazine for a generation that’s aged, but still hasn’t grown up.

SKC-Magazine-5-coverNow… as for the comics. There’s a few winners. I enjoyed the art for every single one of them. I want to say that first because that’s really important. The artwork is killer here and if I had money I would totally hire any of these artists for a project. On the story side… there were a few too many in the fantasy barbarian genre. That may have been an intentional theme. Thankfully they all told different stories and had different gags, but by the time you get to the last one it’s like okay that might be too many. Also they’re a bit too short. I wanted just one or two more pages of each one to really get the feel for them. As it stands I would definitely return for more, but it was a shame that I couldn’t make up my mind on them with what there was to read.

Again the production on this magazine is great. It’s 100% legit in terms of that. There’s reviews of board games, vintage movies and again ads for products that are real and yet strange. I loved it. Even flipping through it again for this review it put a smile on my face. If you want to check it out head over to and keep an eye on Kickstarter for future issues to support. Hopefully Founder and Publisher Rondal Scott III is already working on another issue.

Score: 4/5

Strange Kids Club #5 Publisher: Rondal Scott III Publisher: Strange Kids Club Price: $5.00 Format: Print

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