Review: Super Suckers #2.1

Even though I had some problems with the first issue of Super Suckers… correction, first episode of Super Suckers; I still enjoyed it as a whole and wanted to check out more. I’m glad I did because the pacing and story for this second issue/episode has improved a lot. Creator Darin Henry actually clarified his structure for me after this week’s podcast (you can listen here), essentially each issue will have three parts like a tv show does. Hence the title of the publisher “Sitcomics.” It’s an interesting format and we’ll have to see if it works in the comic medium or not, but for now it’s too early to decide.

This second issue starts off at the Pentagon as a lone agent is convinced that Vampires are out of control after losing his girlfriend to one. He’s shut down ultimately, but is he far from the truth? We then head back to Kelly and Jess. Kelly is having… makeup problems. It’s actually funny to me because she’s obsessed with her looks but can’t use a mirror. Also that’s not a throwaway moment it has relevance to the story later on.

Super-Suckers-2Jess has to leave town for a funeral and is taking Stewart with her to feed off. He’s going to a comic convention while there which is a great opportunity for some comic book jokes. Stewart and Vera are still pretending to be dating which continues to be a funny angle. A new character is introduced and he falls in love with Jess, but then Vera being the delusional soul that she is, thinks he’s in love with her. There’s more hijinks and some pretty clever jokes laid out along the way.

In particular I like Stewart’s character. Not because he’s into comic books, but because he’s just so used to being feed off of that he’s always just in a hurry to get it over with so he can get back to being a nerd. Henry and Robin Taylor pace this issue very well. We check in with all the characters and it stops feeling like Jess and Kelly’s story and feels more like an assemble cast like Archie. The jokes also hit more in this issue giving me some real chuckles.

The art by Jeff Shultz continues to have the Archie look and personally that’s why the entire premise and story works. If you had any other art this story would just be too cheesy and unenjoyable. There’s just something about the art style that makes this type of story fun. It makes the character enjoyable and you can forgive them for not being deeply layered. Colorist Glenn Whitmore plays a role in the success as well because the pencil work and coloring need to reflect the same style in order to work and they do.

The reason Super Suckers works is that it’s using the Archie style, but it’s not Archie. You haven’t read this story a hundred times before and it’s not a love triangle. Instead it’s a college comedy soap opera. It’s parody, but then also unique. Basically it works and that’s all that matters.

Score: 4/5

Super Suckers #2.1 Story: Darin Henry Writers: Darin Henry, Robin Taylor Artist: Jeff Shultz Colorist: Glenn Whitmore Publisher: Sitcomics Price: $1.99 Release Date: 3/2/16 Format: Ongoing; Digital