Review: Swordplay: The Lonely Outpost

I don’t recall the last time I talked about Swordplay: The Lonely Outpost. It was definitely when it was on Kickstarter and frankly, I don’t remember anything I said then. But hey, here we are to check out this adult comic book. The story is pretty easy to sum up because why wouldn’t it be? Two lovers are doing some sexual roleplaying in an abandoned outpost in fantasy world. Some trolls stumble upon them and they’re forced to hide, but that doesn’t stop them from getting busy or does it?

That’s basically it to the story. There’s sex, plenty of dong for all to see and the woman is in power the entire time. That’s the one shining light of this comic, the woman is in control of the fantasy and even instigating the sex when their lives are in danger.

Swordplay The Loneliest OutpostThe artwork is pretty damn good. The coloring makes the characters look a bit waxy at times, but it’s nothing to terrible. There’s a lot of detail in the backgrounds which elevates it from a lot of comic books, adult or otherwise. The world feels real and that comes from the art.

The story is short. I mean stories like this aren’t really long to begin with, but it’s over and done before you know it and there isn’t much else going on. It’s two people having sex in the face of danger. I’m not going to pretend that I’m some expert on adult stories and crafting wonderful plots to go along with the sex, but I do think it can be done. Something was just missing from this comic and I think it was a bigger story. Something bigger than just two people having sex, which is fine and all, but you can get that anywhere. If you’re going to be in a fantasy world it should be a bit more fantastic.

Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s far from great. If you’re just looking to check out some fantasy based adult themed situations with the boobies and the BJ’s then you could do worse than Swordplay. So on that note check it out if you like the aforementioned things and situations… or elf women.

Score: 3/5

Swordplay: The Lonely Outpost Creator: Tim Fischer Price: $ 6.99 Format: One-Shot; Digital Website