Review: Teen Dog #4

Stop whatever you are doing right now. It probably isn’t that important anyway. But seriously stop. Go out and get yourself the biggest treat you can think of; pop, chips, and Teen Dog. Yeah that is right. Teen Dog makes my “aw the hell with it all” list. It will be the most fun you will have today. So go ahead, listen to that voice and do it. You need experience Teen Dog, because it is well worth it. Teen Dog is well a typical teen. He goes to school, skateboards, and makes fun of the kids trying to be cool all the while Teen Dog moves up the cool list. It is exactly the comic that I have dreamed of. The comic is broken down into smaller stories that follow Dog on an ordinary day. He is usually accompanied by some awesome side characters, but you will immediately fall in love with Mariella, his best friend. She is great and honestly gives Teen Dog all his puns. Clearly she is my favorite!

TeenDog04_coverAEach mini story has a title and although the story only last about two pages most, it moves the story into new scenes and creates such good stories within stories. Who knew Teen Dog could be so philosophical?

The issue starts with Dog on Spring Break. He and Mariella decide to make the most of such a beautiful day, meaning they spend it inside at the arcade; totally rad. Thug Pug shows up to invite the two to a Spooky Party he is having. Thug Pug is fun, but he is one of those try-too-hard kids, so DOg and Mari usually stay away. Of course they think it is a prank, but who knows what is up with this Thug. The two decide to go, but not before paying some rad games.

Mari has a way of always bringing up real life problems to Teen Dog, but he always has a way of disregarding the questions and talking about pizza. The banter between the two is so much fun to see unfold. Mari does this the whole issue even when the two head to the party, she brings up deep issues that Dog can only answer truthfully...ridiculous, but truthfully.

So yeah, I think I proved my point of why you should drop everything and get Teen Dog. It is such a fantastic comic filled with everything we love. The worst part about this comic, is that it will be over soon. That’s right. Teen Dog is a mini-series. I have never heard such a horror, so you better check this out before you miss out on some real awesome sauce.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Jake Lawrence Publisher: BOOM!/ Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/10/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital