Review: Thomas Alsop #7

Can I tell you a secret? Issue three of this series has been my personal favorite. As much as I’ve loved and enjoyed the other issues none of the subsequent issues have topped that reading experience… until now. I honestly didn’t expect that to happen, but this issue made me smile the entire time I read it and when I was finished I let out a resounding “God dammnit that comic is good.” The real kicker is that usually on the second to last issue of a story we’re already beginning to see the wrap up. All the mysteries have been revealed and we’re dealing with the fallout in the final chapter… but not here. I think that says something about the quality of the storytelling when you can read the second to last issue and still have no real clue to how this is all going to end. I just know that it’s going to be good.

What happens in this issue that makes it so wonderful you ask? A little of everything.

Thomas_Alsop_007_coverAOne of my favorite parts is Thomas’ character development. Now, it’s not exactly what you’d expect as he doesn’t stop being himself or mature in some adult way. Rather he accepts full responsibility for his actions against the other families and makes a vow to go after Mr. Smith and his family. It’s an incredible scene as it takes place in a crowded bar and though Thomas says some serious things, he does it all with a smile. If you don’t fucking love his character ten times more after this scene then you are so incredibly jaded and should just give up on comics.

There’s also plenty of action as the O’ make a move on Thomas and his companions. Both scenes are intense and literally magical as Palle Schmidt kills it on the artwork. Both scenes are very quick, but because of that they’re realistic. This isn’t the final battle and really for both characters it’s a walk in the park and it just shows how dangerous they really are. That vibe oozes from the artwork and grabs hold of you. Seriously this is Schmidt’s best issue in the series thus far as he’s pushed to the limit with every single panel and page.

By far though, my favorite scene is the simplest of the issue. It’s Thomas’ escape from jail which I won’t spoil for you, but Chris Miskiewicz combines some wonderful elements of this world and grounds them in our world. If it wasn’t for more of the outrageous magic moments this entire story would feel grounded in our world. Hell, sometimes I become so emerged in the world that I forget that it’s all fake. That’s how incredible the suspension of disbelief is.

We’re approaching the end of the year. We here at Comic Bastards are working on our end of the year lists and if I could go all Inside Baseball on you for a moment… it’s difficult. It’s so hard to pick your babies when we’re bombarded by so many good titles it only makes it harder. But it’s a great problem to have and really how can anyone complain that there are “too many good comics to read?”

I’ll tell you right now that Thomas Alsop is on my list. It’s been an incredible story that only manages to get bigger and better with each issue. If BOOM! doesn’t pick it up for another series then it’s their loss because once this hits trade I can see it really taking off. And if you missed it… well we can’t all be cool.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Chris Miskiewicz Artist: Palle Schmidt Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/10/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital