Review: The Adventures of Track Suit Man #1

The Adventures of Track Suit Man is a true story. Ripped from the life of Len Mihalovich, it’s about his weekly plane flights for work that put him on the same plane as a man wearing a track suit. In the comic he gives his accounts of how much of an asshole Track Suit Man is as he pushes past people to be the first on the plane and take as much of the overhead storage as possible. I wish I could say that there was more to this story, but that’s it. It’s just tale after tale of Track Suit Man being a dick and sometimes he loses. Sometimes, but not often. Anyone that’s flown more than once in the modern era can likely relate to some or all of this story which is more than likely why social media had such a blast following Mihalovich’s experience with Track Suit Man.

Track-Suit-Man-#1From a story standpoint, there’s not much here. Because it’s autobiographical there’s no narrative arc and no pay off. Sure we see Track Suit Man get what’s coming to him a few times, but overall there’s no lesson learned. He’s never confronted and asked why he’s a dick. In the end, it’s not a rewarding story and feels like a social media update which is where the story got its birth. It just seems like a story you tell and be done with, not one that you spend time turning into a comic hoping it picks up a cult following or something.

The art is okay. There’s a few artists working on the book and they’re not bad. There just isn’t a lot to work with. Most of the art is pretty simple and there’s almost no background detail to any of the panels. A lot of the pages have a ton of dead space that’s filled with graphics that are very apparently there to fill the dead space of the page.

Overall this wasn’t a story for me. I really don’t know what the drawl was to make it a comic book as it seemed to be living on social media just fine. I didn’t particular find any of it funny or even “this can’t be real” because I guess I’ve see a lot of jerks in my time. For others, maybe they’ll have a hard time believing that a man that flies every week acts like he owns the airline. Looking at this as a whole, I can’t recommend it. There’s nothing here that makes it worthwhile and frankly the only thing comic booky about it is the artwork. If you read a lot of comics books, I highly doubt this one is going to pique your interest.

Score: 1/5

The Adventures of Track Suit Man #1 Creator: Len Mihalovich Artists: Various Publisher: Lenovations Press Price: $3.99 Format: Print/Digital Website