Review: The Almighties Origin

I read the first Almighties series a while back and I was pleasantly surprise with the book and now they are back, this time in the form of Super-Secret Origins.  Well… I wouldn’t say its super-secret, but it’s an origin story of the other members.  Mainly the origin story for four out of the five members: Maxitron, Nitefang, Mason, and Mrs. F. The story starts off with Stefanos meeting with Joe Cyborg. Joe proposes to Stefanos that The Almighties should be created into a strike force, but Joe Cyborg wants to go over the team members and see if any of the original squad needs to be tweaked before creating the new team. Joe quickly disregards Maxitron, because he knows he is the face of The Almighties so questioning if he is in the team was kind of a no brainer for Joe.

First on the list for review, NiteFang an average low-life Anarchist punk rocker from London who basically killed a bunch a punks one night just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Then they traveled all the way to Canada to open up Ms. F file, her back story was interesting; she was bitten by a radioactive dust mite and her husband wouldn’t allow her to use her powers until she divorced him and now she is Canada’s newest hero.  Once she is freed from her husband she turns to The Kruncher, Canada’s premier hero and gives a whole speech on how he was the reason she turns to being a super hero fulltime and now she wants to team up with him to clean up the streets of Quebec.  The Kruncher hears the offer, but decides to decline because he cannot live the shame down of being beaten by a low power villain name The Robust Rabbit; and since his only victor has died in the hands of another hero, The Kruncher feels ashamed and doesn’t know if he can get back to crime fighting ever again.  After hearing his reasons Ms. F calls The Kruncher a whiner and that he should get over it, she still leaves the offer at the table but flies out to fight crime in Quebec.

1505498_702130763139375_563875204_nAfter going over Ms. F, Stefano and Joe Cyborg glance over Mason’s file in basically two panels which I thought was hilarious.  Mason’s backstory is simple, he is an ex-solider sent to prison for crimes he didn’t commit and then he escapes prison to work as a soldier of fortune.  Joe questions, if he can be controlled from his psychotic tendencies and from killing the targets they might face. Stefanos reassures him of it, since Mason listens to what Maxitron has to say.  After going through all the files Joe comes to the conclusion that the odd man out is Nitefang.  Stefanos disagree with this move and tries to justify to Joe that Nitefang is the “Gerry Halliwell of the team” that means in Stefanos words that Nitefang is the powerhouse of the group and without him they are in trouble, but Joe disagrees he says that there might be another option for The Almighties.

This version of the Almighties was still funny, but I thought it was lacking from the first issue I read.  Most of the origins for me felt that they lacked a bit more of explanation. With the exception of Ms. F origin all the other ones were very quick and missed a golden opportunity to prop up their characters. The art was good, as the last issue I read, very cartoony with some over the top feel to the art.  Overall, for being a free comic it wasn’t bad, it just felt a step down from the original Almighties.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Sam Johnson, Mike Gagnon Artist: Pablo Zambrano, Eleonora Kortsarz, Ron Gravelle, & Fran Jung Publishing: Actuality Press Price: Free Website