Review: The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1

Who knew that you could make an entire issue about Lego and Devo hats? I mean sure there’s a lot more going on here with the story of Miranda Turner, but Lego and Devo hats are the bulk of its outer appearance. The overall premise of this universe is interesting and I think that this issue is a great start to that universe, but it’s more entertaining than mind-blowing. It kicks off with Miranda shoulder deep in Lego (they are Lego, but the comic never says that because that’s the way it is). She smashing them to bits and complaining about the two dudes in rainbow Devo hats known as Blockheads, that are creating them faster than she can destroy them… honestly it doesn’t look like she’s destroying anything. Meanwhile Miranda’s sister is narrating what we need to know about the world and that Miranda is known as “The Cat”, but she’s actually the second Cat as Lindy (her narrating sister) was the first The Cat. The thing about Lindy is that she’s a ghost… yeah she was killed and now Miranda is filling in for you so that they can find Lindy’s killer. Eventually Miranda uses her mind rather than her fists and figures out a different approach for the Blockheads.

Miranda_Turner_01-11The overall story of Miranda versus the Blockheads was pretty dry. It felt like any old superhero story with no real consequences to anything going on and a happy/cheesy ending. It works though and isn’t a bad thing by any means. Really it’s just the back drop so that Lindy can set up the real story which is her murder; that part was actually pretty interesting and will have me coming back to check out the series some more.

Jamie S. Rich nails the narrative. Lindy is easily the most interesting character of the story and she’s dead. The Blockheads were better in appearance than execution. The story doesn’t explain nor did I need to know what their motivation for filling the city with Lego was, but yeah eventually you’re mind begins to wonder what exactly their plan was. Miranda isn’t quite fleshed out, but I think given the situation and plot set up that’s okay. Also the sisters handle Lindy’s death like its last week’s news. I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with this on a deeper level in future issues, but it’s definitely casual the way they address the fact that Lindy’s dead… due to murder. In a way it gave it an old school vibe because it wasn’t taken so seriously.

I really dig the art style. George Kambadais draws an impressive amount of Lego… I’m mean that. Otherwise I really liked the character designs and the overall look of the world. It’s bright and vibrant and looks like a superhero cartoon. Because the art is working against the narrative it must tell that aspect of the story on its own and does so. Again, it’s not mind-blowing, but it’s a fun tale/battle. Lindy has a great design as well and her ghost form fits right in with the rest of the world. It was also interesting that the sisters are playing the same character, but that Miranda isn’t dressing the way Lindy did.

Overall this was fun and didn’t fall into the usual traps of a new indie superhero title. I didn’t get a “dc or marvel” inspired vibe from the plot, characters or setting and that’s a good thing. This issue is short as is the standard with Monkey Brain titles, but it’s well worth the buck to pick it up. If you’re just looking for a fun superhero title this week then you should definitely check out The Double Life of Miranda Turner.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jamie S. Rich Artist: George Kambadais Publisher: Monkey Brain Comics Price: $.99 Release Date: 10/30/13