Review: The Double Life of Miranda Turner #3

Now we’re getting somewhere! I mean I already knew that it would because the creators assured me as much after my last review, but it’s good to see it coming through in the comic itself. In the last issue we were introduced to Miranda’s day job… actress! I have to admit it has this classic comic book, pulp vibe because of her job and better yet she’s a stage actress. This issue picks up with Miranda (now dressed as the Cat) getting pulverized by Archie… the director of the play. A bit of bad luck has befallen the production and while Miranda and her dead sister Lindy (who only see can see and communicate with at the moment) haven’t figured it out, it’s pretty obvious to the audience. That’s a nice trick that Jamie S. Rich has played on us making us feel smarter than the story. Well it worked sir!

Lindy follows Archie as eventually he wears out and passes out. Lindy notices something on his face and “ah-ha! A Clue” has been found. Miranda heads back to join the rest of the cast and they all talk about the production; she begins trying to solve who would have the most to benefit from the production being shut down, but is she on the right course?

The_Double_Life_of_Miranda_Turner_03-1This issue was a nice change of pace as we spent more time with Lindy. I’ll admit that I still don’t have a great understanding of Lindy and Miranda’s personalities, but it’s getting there and each issue it’s stronger and stronger. Rich does a grand job with the dialogue this issue as the characters kept a fantastic pace and because of this the story hustles forward just right.

The world that George Kambadais has created is wonderful. I absolute love the look and vibe of the series. It’s not quite golden or silver age comics, it’s not quite pulp, not quite modern, not quite old; but at the same time it’s all of those things. In a strange way it reminds me of The Adventures of T-Rex, but with the characters of Batman: The Animated Series. That’s probably just me though. The more the city and subsequently the story opens up, the more I want to stay with this world and explore it. That’s a huge strength of any story when it can make the reader want to be a part of its world.

This series is very entertaining and accomplishes something that a lot of superhero titles currently published doesn’t offer… wholesome fun. Ew, I know some of you just shied away from the word “wholesome” but that doesn’t mean that it’s geared towards kids or imposes some kind of religious belief on you. It just means that it isn’t dark and brooding, it doesn’t try swearing just to swear and more importantly anyone can jump on and enjoy it. Hulk isn’t for everyone; Batman isn’t for everyone, but The Double Life of Miranda Turner has the potential to be for anyone. Anyone that’s willing to check it out that is.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jamie S. Rich Artist: George Kambadais Publisher: MonkeyBrain Inc Price: $0.99 Release Date: 3/19/14