Review: The Flash 1.12 – Crazy For You

This episodes sees singing, the return or Pied Piper, the introduction of Peek-A-Boo and the casual support of sexual abuse as long as in the context of super heroics.  Let’s tackle that last one first.  I understand it’s a joke in superhero show but it struck me as interesting.  The future Killer Frost Caitlyn Snow and present Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen decide to put aside their respective boring romantic subplots and get drunk.  Barry Allen, of course, can’t get drunk.  Caitlyn can and does.  A lot.  They sing Summer Loving, Caitlyn sings it live, Barry, somehow, sings it from a studio.  Grant Gustin, if that is Grant singing, can really sing.  Cisco shows up and all, like, “I was the lead singer for Dru Hill!  Who wants to hear ‘In My Bed’.” The crowd erupts in applause Cisco tears off his break-away pants to reveal silver leather pants underneath and gyrates to the music. That actually doesn’t happen but I fulfilled my Cisco/Sisqo reference for this review. What actually happens is Flash takes Caitlyn home and Caitlyn gets stuck in her dress.  So Flash, at super speed, undresses her and puts her in pajamas.  Caitlyn asked if he peeked, Barry says he didn’t.  Then she drops this “It’s okay if you peeked.  You’ve earned a peek for all the good you have done.”  There you have it ladies and gents, as long as you “do good” you have permission to look at people naked prior to their consent.  I know, I know, it’s a stupid joke and I did laugh but it’s still a loaded concept.

Moving on!  I’m starting to like Pied Piper, especially when he’s teamed up with Cisco.  The two have good chemistry together which really makes their chemistry shine.  We get to see another side of Caitlyn who has been mostly stuck as the one dimensional “mother” figure.  Yes they have given her brains and while she is more or less on the same level as her peers they haven’t done much for her personality beyond pining for Robbie, her sort of deceased fiancé.


It’s a fun little episode on every front but the A plot.  The A plot is kind of boring really and for being the A plot (a category I put it in because it falls into the villain of the week formula) it doesn’t get a ton of screen time.  The episode is mostly various B plots and I think it benefits from that.  Barry gets to spend time with his real father which leads to some great scenes between Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp.  The Barry and Caitlyn subplot was just fine despite whatever message they may or may not be endorsing.  The Cisco and Pied Piper subplot also had its good moments of interaction and one-ups-manship.  I just wish Pied Piper would stop pulling stuff out of his ears.  It makes my eyes water every time I see that.

The episode, as far a series momentum, falls entirely under the “treading water” heading.  For the most part, until the very end, there is no forward momentum.  Nothing happens in the episode that builds toward the finale.  Which is fine, every story needs to have a breather in there somewhere.  Not every episode has to be great or mean something.  That’s where I would put this if it were not for the end.  The end had me marking out like crazy.  I almost don’t want to ruin it for you but oh my Grodd, you should check at least that part out if you’re a Flash fan.  All in all a solid filler episode, not a whole lot to hate but not a whole lot to like either.

Score: 3/5

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