You Will Never Be This Dedicated To A Character... Or Stupid

Some may have seen this story already, but a man from Venezuela who's old enough to know better, had his nose cut off. Wait for it... to look like the Red Skull. Now I know most probably just chalk this up to crazy fan dedication, but please let's take a moment to realize who the character is. It's the Red Skull... more than any other character throughout his long history he has been terrible because he is the embodiment of the nazi (purposely not capitalized) message. I'm sorry, but I don't think you're a mega fan... I think that there is something wrong with you. Apparently though according to former medical student turned body modifier Emilio Gonzalez, there's nothing wrong with 37 year-old Damon of Caracas... oh wait he only goes by Red Skull know and after removing part of his nose he has now begun tattooing his head red and black. Wait black? Does he know what the character looks like? Apparently not because he also got those dumbass injects in his head to add... um... to the reason why he won't be getting a customer service job anytime soon.



Thanks to Jason from Monster & Wine for sharing this crazy shit.